SEF Compliance Amid Regulatory Turbulence

7th January 2014

Company: Openlink
The new world of SEF execution will cause market participants to reassess trading operations, workflows and IT infrastructures. Download the white paper now. read more

Tomorrow's Corporate Treasury

18th December 2013

Company: Openlink
Derivatives regulations will create substantial challenges for corporate treasury groups. As decision-making around hedging becomes more complex, companies will need to overhaul their cash and collateral management practices. Learn more in this new white paper. read more

XENTIS for the Insurance Sector - Asset and Risk Management

17th December 2013

Company: Profidata AG
An efficient and flexible IT infrastructure is crucial for the implementation of all requirements. Profidata’s investment management system XENTIS already integrates all of the functions necessary for the controlling of the capital investments of insurance companies and, by facilitating the required asset classification, assists in establishing... read more

Getting to a New Transparency in Netback

19th November 2013

Company: Openlink
The need for exact netback pricing has never been greater for energy firms as regulatory compliance, volatile markets, and supply chain inefficiencies threaten profit margins. Learn more about the challenges facing oil and gas exploration and production companies and how adopting a centralized netback methodology for tracking costs, payments, and... read more

Coping with Uncertainty: Metals Trading in a State of Flux

9th September 2013

Company: Openlink
The trading of metals and their corresponding financial instruments is entering an age of uncertainty. Firms that participate in global metal markets will need heightened IT support to stay ahead and to take advantage of new hedging and trading opportunities via emerging trading venues. This Metals white paper discusses: •LME warehousing rule... read more

Turning Reform into Competitive Advantage

16th August 2013

Company: Openlink
The EMIR reforms for middle- and back- office operations will radically transform the way participating firms process derivatives. As Europe embraces a new era of cleared and executed derivatives trading, market participants will have to maximize operational efficiencies to improve risk management, provide greater transparency to clients and... read more

BankersAccuity - A 360-Degree Spin Around Screening whitepaper

16th July 2013

Company: Accuity
Making your compliance program smarter from every angle. New BankersAccuity White Paper Outlines Necessary Steps for Anti-Bribery and AML Screening Improvement. read more

Whitepaper: The Multi-Asset Class Conundrum

2nd May 2013

Simplifying Post-Trade Processing Across Asset Classes As trading across multiple asset classes increases, operating in silos is no longer an effective strategy for optimising post-trade efficiency, mitigating risk and capitalising on market opportunities. Learn how leading firms are consolidating their operations, data and technology... read more

White Paper: Efficient Fund Operations - The Dynamic Operating Model

21st February 2013

Company: Milestone Group
By Geoff Hodge - CEO, Milestone Group. This is the second of three papers that will examine the role of operating model design and technology investment in achieving efficient fund administration. The first focuses on the need to align technology investment planning with business goals – and business realities – in an uncertain market. The... read more

Mobile Banking: One size doesn’t fit all

1st February 2013

Company: Compass Plus
A best practice guide to developing and implementing a successful mobile banking service. read more