Security breaches are big news, yet, 95% of Banking Applications lack security

21st February 2018

Company: INSIDE Secure
With increased pressure on banks to ensure that they Know Their Customer and GDPR looming on the horizon, this is a topic that should be high priority at every bank. UL and Inside Secure have undertaken joint research to assess the market – analysing publicly available m-banking applications with the aim of bringing clarity on the state of... read more

Brexit: Practical implementation without the hype

21st February 2018

Company: GFT
Over the past few months; GFT has – like many others – been trying to make sense of the true implications of Brexit, with a focus on the financial sector. We have used our regulatory know how to dissect the legal parts, look at the state of affairs in the market and the various reports from official and unofficial sources. read more

AutoRek Whitepaper - Challenges of Regulatory Reporting

14th February 2018

Company: AutoRek
We explore several of today’s key regulatory reporting challenges including: •The creation of a ‘golden source’ of data which can increase both confidence and performance in meeting ongoing regulatory reporting and compliance challenges; • The Impact and Uncertainty the UK’s Exit from Europe (Brexit) may have on Regulators; • The... read more

Your VDI Readiness Checklist

9th February 2018

Company: RedPixie
Did you know cloud VDI can cut the cost of desktop delivery by 36%? In this guide, we'll look at how enterprises can prepare for VDI adoption and why strong architectural foundations are the key to reaching business goals. We'll answer questions such as: • Have you built the right foundations? • How will user and workload demands affect... read more

Whitepaper: the Consolidated Audit Trail

7th February 2018

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) is the latest effort to increase the transparency of capital markets trading while ensuring competition and fair customer treatment. Similar to many other regulatory efforts, the CAT involves shifting timelines and large changes in technology, operations, and... read more

Open Banking - are you ready?

7th February 2018

Company: GFT
Open banking is here to stay and fast becoming a reality for financial services organisations that want to stay competitive in terms of innovation and customer offerings. But what are the practical aspects that organisations need to consider as they prepare to seize the opportunities presented to them in the open banking environment? read more

The impact of Fintech Disruptors on Corporate Banking

6th February 2018

Recent surveys exploring the current state of the bank to corporate relationship have identified some surprising trends. Fintechs are causing both banks and corporates to re-examine their treasury business models. Are both service user and provider progressing in full alignment or are cracks starting to appear in this crucial relationship? This... read more

Automating ATM Cash Management: Reconciliations & Reporting

24th January 2018

Company: AutoRek
his paper explores how to use software to fully support ATM cash management, reconciliation and reporting processes. There are several challenges to manual ATM reconciliation and cash management, including: -Manual Controls -Internal Uncontrolled Interface -Substandard Data Quality Exacerbated by Increasing Volumes -Inflexible Systems which do... read more

Shareholder Rights Directive: Advancing to a state of readiness

17th January 2018

The updated Shareholder Rights Directive (SRD) aims to encourage shareholder engagement in listed companies in Europe and improve the transparency of related processes, including proxy voting. In Shareholder Rights Directive: Advancing to a State of Readiness, we examine the challenges and opportunities related to the introduction of the new SRD... read more

5 Key CFO Challenges for Addressing Payments Fraud

12th January 2018

Company: Kyriba
For CFOs charged with safe-guarding corporate coffers, there is no silver bullet that can stop payments fraud in its tracks. Managing and minimizing the problem is a holistic, pro-active effort that combines best practices with real-time detection and monitoring technology. Find out more about what CFOs need to do in this exclusive new e-book from... read more