How To Maximise The Performance Of Your Sales Team

12th July 2011

Performance management helps you keep the sales people you want to keep, manage out the ones you don't, improve the results of the average ones and align sales goals with corporate ones. This white paper will guide you through the process. The author has worked in Sales Management for many years for companies such as Logica, Thales and Symantec... read more

How to produce well thought out sales compensation plans

10th June 2011

Having a well balanced sales compensation plan reflecting your business and matching the goals you are seeking to achieve is vital to success. A sales compensation plan can help motivate your sales people to achieve the greatest success and profitability for your company, or it can cost you a lot of money and even de-motivate your team. The... read more

bobsguide Equities Trading Systems Buyer's Guide 2011

1st February 2011

Company: bobsguide
The guide is the first publication of its kind to be produced by bobsguide and provides all the information needed to help technology decision makers choose the most relevant software solution for the analysis, trading and execution of their equity securities. bobsguide’s publication includes feature length articles on current trends, new... read more