Cloud-Based Credit Origination Solutions are Not all the Same

29th June 2018

With over 15 years of experience consulting and onboarding clients to new credit origination technology, our expert team has developed a set of questions for you to use when evaluating a cloud-based credit origination provider. Read this new whitepaper, Cloud-Based Credit Origination Solutions are Not all the Same for tips on how to choose the... read more

Market Data Usage: Taking Control with a Strategic Approach to Sourcing

28th June 2018

Company: AIM Software
With ever-changing commercial models and more stringent licensing agreements, market and reference data costs and usage compliance are big focus areas for most financial institutions. This whitepaper explores why getting vendor data usage under control can be so difficult and what can be done to optimize your data spend, while ensuring effective,... read more

Key Implications of the 4th EU AML Directive

22nd June 2018

The purpose of the Directive is to remove any ambiguities in the previous legislation and improve the consistency of AML and counter terrorist financing (CTF) rules. read more

3 Step Approach to Reducing False Positives

22nd June 2018

In this paper, we will discuss three key steps you can take to both reduce false positives and minimize the risk of missing a true hit. read more

Mitigate (re)insurance Operational Risk with a Strategic Technology Partnership

22nd June 2018

This whitepaper will look at how identifying a Strategic Technology Partner can help a (re)insurance start-up overcome challenges to make a success of their business. With a particular focus on operational risk, it identifies how the right choice of Strategic Partner not only mitigates risks, but provides further opportunity to maximise the benefit... read more

The Reconciliation Revolution - Part 2

21st June 2018

Big Data-Driven Insight In the second part of our Reconciliation Revolution Series we look at how data is no longer a means to an end, but the center of a firm’s value. That means data integrity must be at the forefront of design. As Post-Trade evolves, reconciliation must move not only with it, but feature design and implementation that is... read more

The State of Application Development, 2018

20th June 2018

Company: OutSystems
3,500 IT professionals from 116 countries share their insights in one of the most comprehensive research reports on the state of application development. Featuring an analysis of responses from IT managers, architects, and developers across all industries, this 34-page research report answers five critical questions: * How are app dev priorities... read more

AutoRek for Insurance Firms

19th June 2018

Company: AutoRek
AutoRek can help to maintain master data at all stages of the subledger process including; -Recording and monitoring transactions on a policy basis supporting robust reconciliations, exception management and meaningful MI. -Structuring data enabling automatic generation of forms, documents and feeds to other internal systems. -Housing all master... read more

CLS data insights: foreign concerns and foreign exchange

19th June 2018

Company: CLS
The US election on 8 November and the UK referendum on European Union (EU) membership on 23 June had two significant features in common. Firstly, the success of the winning campaigns contradicted expectations of polls and the media. Secondly, both winning campaigns articulated similar views on foreign influences, including international trade and... read more

Bridging the divide: How CLS and IBM moved to blockchain

19th June 2018

Company: CLS
Leading financial institutions understand that taking calculated gambles is a necessary part of doing business. Modernization, innovation, growth, and even survival, are dependent upon proactive deliberation of risk and a delicate approach to uncertainty. Being a successful bank in 2017 doesn’t mean taking on more unpredictability; it means... read more