The Age of Agile: Creating Interconnected Ecosystems

19th October 2017

Financial markets never sleep — and the technological innovation that supports those markets is also alive and moving at an exponential rate. How quickly can your organization adapt its systems to confidently respond to a revenue-generating idea or a shift in business growth strategy? Read this white paper to learn more read more

Cyber Fraud – the Impact on Treasury

19th October 2017

Company: BELLIN
Cybercrime has soared to record levels and this has also had severe repercussions for treasury. The key questions are: where are the vulnerable points of failure? How can I prepare and protect my business? Employees can be a company’s greatest asset in preventing fraud but also their weakest link. In his whitepaper, BELLIN TMS user Royston Da... read more

SWIFT Global Payments Innovation (GPI)

18th October 2017

SWIFT GPI enables you to fast-track and trace the cross-border payments. with the unique tracking code, you can trace the payment, STOP or recall the payment transaction in case of any error and trace the extra bank fee charged by the banks. Contact Axletree Solutions for more details. read more

FRTB Market Risk Capital Framework - Putting the Spotlight on Data Quality

18th October 2017

Company: Xenomorph
This paper describes the ‘fundamental’ nature of changes associated with the revised market risk capital framework prompted by the FRTB, and the broad data management challenges that firms will face as a result of the new framework. read more

Building a Better SAP® Payment Process

17th October 2017

Company: Accuity
Today, corporate treasury professionals face a greater set of challenges than ever before. Reduced liquidity and enhanced volatility means firms must manage cash and financial risk more efficiently, while higher costs, fewer resources and more complex transactions require greater transparency and control to drive better financial results. read more

Technological Solutions to Address Low Capital Return for Reinsurers

13th October 2017

“Innovation and Efficiency: Technological Solutions to Address Low Capital Return for Reinsurers” that examines how technology is both part of the cause of the current challenging landscape, but also a key part of the response read more

Improving Outcomes Using a Centralized PMO

10th October 2017

Company: Accenture
Changes in service providers, new regulations, emerging technologies and globalization are forcing asset management firms to adapt their business models and upgrade their technology platforms.). This is part of Accenture Asset Management's Back-Office Conversion Toolkit. read more

Preparing for a Successful Vendor Conversion

10th October 2017

Company: Accenture
Service provider conversions do not have to be overly complex or burdensome, but they do require careful planning, clear objectives, hard work and discipline. The most common reasons for failure include poor design, an undisciplined PMO or changes in underlying assumptions—all of which can be overcome with adherence to the strategies outlined... read more

The 2018 Marketplace Expansion Index

10th October 2017

Company: Hyperwallet
The Marketplace Expansion Index, created by Hyperwallet, analyzes the top 36 countries against 10 factors that impact a marketplace’s ability to operate and scale there. If you’re a marketplace platform in the collaborative, gig, and sharing economies, let this Index be your guide to the global earning revolution. Download your copy of the... read more

Tackling the Regulatory Challenge: Leveraging CLM and RegTech

10th October 2017

Company: Fenergo
A research paper from Finextra in association with Fenergo: Leveraging CLM and RegTech to Improve Efficiency and Customer Experience This new reasearch paper, based on a survey completed by more than 100 respondents from over 70 banks across 20 countries, shows that the ability of financial institutions to deliver smooth, streamlined and efficient... read more