Enterprise Data Management: What a Modern EDM System Needs to Offer

31st August 2017

Company: Xenomorph
This white paper establishes the key components of a "modern" EDM system. It outlines the principal drivers to EDM adoption within financial markets and the business outcomes firms are looking for, and then describes the features required to deliver these outcomes and how such a system satisfies the broader needs of the enterprise. read more

Enterprise Data Management: A Solution for Evolving Industry Requirements

30th August 2017

Company: Xenomorph
This white paper outlines areas in which key industry issues around enterprise data management can be effectively addressed using Xenomorph’s leading EDM solution, TimeScape EDM+. read more

A Guide to Cross-Channel Attribution

29th August 2017

Company: Fospha
75% of visitor conversions now happen over multiple visits (Google, 2016) emphasising how the journey to conversion now spans across multiple channels, devices and sessions - leading to a rise in cost of customer acquisition. Exciting new ways to capture customer interactions, and assign true value to marketing activities have emerged to counter... read more

In-Memory Computing: Now and Tomorrow

25th August 2017

Company: GridGain Systems
In this new white paper from GridGain Systems, you will learn how in-memory computing platforms such as Apache® Ignite™ and GridGain address: -In-memory computing use cases which are driven by digital transformation -The demands of IoT and machine learning for real-time processing -The challenges of petabyte-scale in-memory computing... read more

Spreadsheets & Operational Risk: Mitigating Operational Risk With TimeScape EDM+

24th August 2017

Company: Xenomorph
Regulation is now forcing change in spreadsheet and other End User Computing (EUC) application usage and policy. This paper illustrates how the analytics and data management capabilities of TimeScape EDM+ mitigate the operational risks of spreadsheet usage and extend the footprint of Enterprise Data Management into the Front Office. read more

Data Challenges in the Financial Services Industry

17th August 2017

Company: Fospha
Read what data challenges the financial services industry is currently facing - and how businesses can overcome them. read more

KYC vs Data Protection ― The Next Compliance Hurdle

14th August 2017

Company: Fenergo
In this paper, Laura Glynn examines how financial institutions can manage local jurisdictional KYC obligations and deal with complex security and data privacy requirements across jurisdictions. Highlights include: -global and cross-jurisdictional data protection laws and how these can be categorized into common themes -how data privacy laws are... read more

CRS - Implementing Best Practice for Compliance

14th August 2017

Company: Fenergo
The Common Reporting Standard (CRS) promises to go way beyond FATCA’s remit to ensure global-wide tax compliance. CRS will see a significant increase in client remediation, customer due diligence and reporting obligations. In this paper, Laura Glynn explores the differences and commonalities that exist between FATCA and CRS, and defines a... read more

Digitizing the Client Lifecycle for Efficiency and Client Experience

14th August 2017

Company: Fenergo
In this paper, we examine 3 core challenges facing private banks and wealth management firms: -Regulatory & Firm-Specific Compliance, -Operational & Digitalization Challenges -Impacted Customer Experience & Operational Efficiencies. We also propose a best practice approach to digitalizing the client lifecycle process ranging from Automating... read more

Regulatory Client Outreach & The Path to Compliance

14th August 2017

Company: Fenergo
Given the number of new - and enhancements to existing - regulations planned over the next few years, financial institutions will come under increasing pressure. In this paper, we explore the core operational and internal challenges that currently make the process of Regulatory Client Outreach a logistical nightmare for financial institutions. We... read more