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100 Day countdown to GDPR: Are you ready?

On May 25 2018 GDPR will come into force in the UK, affecting every business that collects data on its customers. Financial services is one of the industries most heavily affected, so are institutions on top of compliance? With 100 days remaining until its implementation date, we take a closer look at how GDPR is reshaping banking operations, ask where companies should be on their compliance journey, and highlight the dangers institutions face if the deadline is not met.

Topics covered with industry experts will include:

  • What actually are the obligations that GDPR places upon financial institutions? Are they clear?
  • How should new consequences for data breaches introduced by GDPR reshape banks' IT budget?
  • Is partnering with solution vendor the only route to GDPR compliance?
  • Does GDPR challenge the notion that data is the new money, or does it strengthen that position?
  • Is the impact of Brexit on GDPR clear?

Webinar date: 3pm, March 7 2018

How long until blockchain makes a telling contribution to financial services?

Blockchain's disruption of financial services was a topic of discussion that bubbled under the surface in 2017. But following cryptocurrencies' thrust into the public consciousness at the back end of 2017, this year has begun with a sense of that 2018 will be year blockchain makes the transition from lab theory to successful use cases and even beyond to mass adoption. But how realistic are the lofty goals of blockchain's proponents?

Topics covered with industry experts include:

  • What benefits does blockchain purport to offer financial services? How are these measurable?
  • Which areas of financial services are most susceptible to blockchain disruption?
  • The blockchain projects in the pipeline that are generating the most industry buzz
  • Is the future of correspondent banking SWIFT or Ripple?
  • What role do banks foresee cryptocurrencies playing in the global economy?
  • On what timeframe can we expect to see mass adoption of blockchain in financial services

Webinar date: 3pm April 11 2018

End-to-end service vs best of breed: Where does the balance lie?

The first question financial services ask themselves when confronted by any major software upgrade or system replacement is whether to engage with suppliers offering an end-to-end solution or to build a best-of-breed technology stack through engaging with multiple specialist vendors.

Prevailing opinion has swung back and forth between the two schools of thought, so where is the needle pointing in 2018? We ask solution providers offering both services to explain the benefits of best-of-breed and end-to-end service, as well as harnessing the opinions from the financial institutions' perspective, and examining industry case studies.

Webinar date: 3pm May 2 2018

Should financial services sell their in-house technology?

Financial institutions are continuing to invest heavily in IT development, with a far greater percentage of spend being allocated to in-house development than partnering with fintechs. The results of some of this R&D has been packageable technology solutions which could then be resold to competitors, thus drastically limiting the overall cost to the business and generating the potential to scale in-house development.

But what are the implications to banks of selling your developed technology to rivals? And how would that process be carried out? How many financial institutions are currently selling their technology, what technology are they selling, and how significant is the revenue generated from this enterprise? Most importantly, would they classify the operation as a success?

Webinar date: 3pm, June 6 2018

SWIFT gpi six months on: Have the pain points of correspondent banking really been addressed?

When SWIFT launched its new global payments initiative in 2017, it did so promising to solve the correspondent banking pain points corporates have suffered with for years, most notably around the lack of instant cross-border payments.

Six months post-launch, how far has the roll out succeeded in achieving those objectives? And just how far away are the new waves of disruptors from cracking SWIFT's dominance of the correspondent banking space?

Industry experts from both the corporate and banking treasury world will address the following questions:

  • How has the SWIFT gpi roll out been received by corporates? Has it met expectations?
  • Should SWIFT label the roll out a success on its own terms?
  • Is mass adoption by banks key to the success of SWIFT gpi/ If so, where does the responsibility lie for expanding the network, with banks or corporates?
  • Is there an appetite from corporates for other solutions than SWIFT to be present in the market?
  • Is the SWIFT network under threat from blockchain disruptors such as Ripple?

Webinar date: 3pm, July 3 2018