Imagine's 40 Act Solution

14th November 2012

Imagine helps clients expand into new markets and meet regulatory demands with the only all-in-one 40 Act Solution that delivers the ability to simultaneously track real-time limits, perform stress tests and capture risk across the entire portfolio to spot and correct compliance breeches. read more

Imagine Risk Aggregator

17th October 2012

The Imagine Risk Aggregator Solution (RAS) provides clients who do not have direct access to position-level data with the capacity to view, compare and report risk exposures and analyses across all underlying funds and investments. RAS provides greater intelligence and insight from the total fund level all the way down. read more

Case Study: Building a ’40 Act system

17th October 2012

The biggest technology challenge in the liquid alternatives space is the need for flexibility in a system that can monitor compliance and meet specific regulations. Imagine has collaborated with client Larch Lane Advisors to develop its solution for 40 Act funds. read more

Corporate Actions Standards: Black & White or A Hundred Shades of Grey?

17th October 2012

Company: Thomson Reuters
Is the Business Case for Corporate Actions Standards: Black & White or A Hundred Shades of Grey? Do you know what are the potential challenges and impact of coexistence between corporate actions standards ISO 15022 and 20022? Do you know what actions can be taken to move forward? Download this open letter and find out what industry heavyweights... read more

New Legal Entity Data Whitepaper - Mapping The Corporate Genome

11th September 2012

Company: Thomson Reuters
“Legal Entity Data: Mapping The Corporate Genome” was authored by Tim Lind, Head of Legal Entity Content, Thomson Reuters and addresses the key issues facing the market as a result of the Financial Stability Board’s - Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) initiative. The LEI initiative is of significant importance, it represents a significant shift... read more

Client Testimonials

10th August 2012

Imagine Software delivers real-time portfolio, risk management and regulatory solutions. All from one integrated platform. Find out what our clients are saying. read more

Imagine's Real-Time Risk & Compliance Solution (RRC)

10th August 2012

The Imagine Real-Time Risk & Compliance (RRC) solution supports clearing houses, prime brokers and asset managers working in high-speed and high-volume environments. RRC gives managers the ability to perform calculations on thousands of trades per second across millions of positions – and report regulatory data within compressed timeframes. read more

Whitepaper: Efficient Fund Operations - Decision making for a leaner future

5th July 2012

Company: Milestone Group
Inherent limitations in traditional investment decision models are a roadblock to the sorts of efficiency gains sought by the fund administration industry. But that need not be the case. In its latest white paper, ‘Efficient fund operations – Decision making for a leaner future’, Geoff Hodge, CEO of Milestone Group calls for a radical rethink... read more

Hosted ASP Solution

21st May 2012

The Imagine Application Services Provider (ASP) platform is a responsive solution for firms looking to upgrade their real-time portfolio management, risk and regulatory reporting capabilities. Imagine removes the burden of maintaining the world-class technology financial services firms need to scale for growth. read more

Burning Issues for Sales Directors and CEOs

27th September 2011

For our sixth sales focussed white paper, we interviewed a large number of Chief Executives and Sales Directors from leading technology companies and asked “What are the key challenges you face within your sales organisation which are impacting on your ability to grow your business?”. We found that there were two underlying issues behind the... read more