Case Study | Global Fund Manager strengthens & automates NAV Oversight

16th October 2018

Company: Milestone Group
It was increasing fund complexity that our client noted as a key reason for choosing to outsource their fund accounting processing to a third-party service provider allowing them to focus on their in-house areas of expertise. However, despite our client no longer performing their own fund accounting function having outsourced it to a TPA, they must... read more

Case Study | How a Fund Manager Achieved Global Oversight of Service Providers

16th October 2018

Company: Milestone Group
Read how our client who is experiencing strong growth and opportunities following a merger overcame the challenges of managing their oversight processes. read more

Whitepaper | OCIO Success: Technology enabled Growth

16th October 2018

Company: Milestone Group
This whitepaper discusses how CIOs, client portfolio managers and investment operations teams within an OCIO firm can become more agile, operationalize their investment processes, and scale their business to sharpen their competitive edge. *Essential Reading for CIOs, Portfolio Managers and Investment Operations Teams! read more

Market Insight | NAV Oversight and Backup NAV challenges? You are not alone...

16th October 2018

Company: Milestone Group
It is fair to say that both established outsourced relationships and more recent outsourcing initiatives are driving renewed interest in addressing the sometimes complex operational challenges of supporting and overseeing these relationships. If some of these developments and challenges sound familiar, you are not alone. read more

Slideshare | NAV Oversight & Backup NAV Challenges. You are not alone...

16th October 2018

Company: Milestone Group
An insight into the shifting landscape of outsourced fund administration, oversight liability and complying with the regulators, the reliance on spreadsheets and manual processing, and the search for better solutions. This Slideshare provides background, context, and helpful tips and solutions for anybody interested in finding out why they...are... read more

Assessing the benefits of a cloud-based digital transformation

16th October 2018

Company: GFT
From our practical experience we know that migrating to the cloud is a major undertaking. For many banks the true benefits promised by cloud may be more distant than previously thought. But, once they arrive, will it have been worth the effort? We firmly believe that cloud technologies herald a new dawn in computing – one day, practically all... read more

PSD2: a marketplace banking opportunity

16th October 2018

Company: Five Degrees
This white paper outlines the ‘ins and outs’ of the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), and the huge impact it will have on banking. read more

Harnessing Machine Learning

15th October 2018

Machine learning is a hot topic, it’s a wide field of research but we want to show you some of the practical applications for it in the Clareti platform. We are about reducing clients risk, vastly automating business processes and evidencing control. read more

The Reconciliation Revolution: Part 3

15th October 2018

Emerging Technologies: New robots on the block The third part of our Reconciliation Revolution Series focusses on how disruptive technologies are poised to influence the 'old fashioned' world of reconciliations and areas of post-trade significantly. We talk NLP, AI, Machine Learning, and RPA as well as preparing for Blockchain. read more

IFRS17 - we are ready, are you?

9th October 2018

While the bulk of the IFRS17 calculation burden sits with the company's actuaries and dedicated IFRS17 valuation engines, there is also an impact on underwriting systems. Whether you have chosen a specific valuation engine or will be handling this via augmentation of existing actuarial tools and reports, your underwriting system will need to... read more