Duco Cube Data Platform

18th May 2018

Company: Duco
Full-scale access to your reconciled data for reporting, analytics, machine learning and integration. read more

Introduction to Duco Cube

18th May 2018

Company: Duco
At Duco our mission is to make managing data easy. We empower end users to deal with complex data problems in a fraction of the time required by traditional systems. read more

Taking AML to the Next Level

16th May 2018

SAFE Advanced Solutions Visual Intelligence Platform® arms institutions with actionable intelligence to identify, assess and manage relationship risk across the enterprise. read more

Case Study: Portfolio & Partnership Accounting Software – Lupton Family Office

15th May 2018

Company: FundCount
FundCount's integrated portfolio and partnership accounting software brings greater visibility and efficiency to the Lupton single family office. Download the case study to learn more. read more

From a traditional bank to a marketplace bank

9th May 2018

Company: Five Degrees
a guide on how to survive and dominate the fintech era. Many industries have already been technologically disrupted. Financial services and banking won’t be any different. New digital banking platforms will emerge with an automated, compliant core and a connection layer for all kinds of third party services to tap into. This is API banking, or... read more

How Cobalt Leverages Kx & Blockchain-Inspired Tech for FX Post-Trade Processing

8th May 2018

Company: Kx
A Discussion of Blockchain Capabilities for Financial Markets Applications and Hybrid Architectures to Boost Performance This white paper provides an overview of how Kx technology is being implemented alongside blockchain-inspired data immutability functionality to underpin a new service that is set to dramatically reduce costs and risks in the... read more

7 Pitfalls That Can Derail Your Technology Project

2nd May 2018

Company: FundCount
The decision to replace an existing family office accounting system or implement technology for the first time requires substantial thought. Many factors must be considered, from downtime and budget to the availability of internal resources and divergent family-member opinions. Learn how to avoid potential minefields and ensure the success of your... read more

The Reconciliation Revolution: Part 1

2nd May 2018

The New Approach for a New Era of Post-Trade Processing Effective reconciliation technology is at the heart of data integrity but too many organisations are still relying on rigid, siloed, legacy systems built 15+ years ago, creating many problems. In the first of a three part series on The Reconciliation Revolution we address the demand of... read more

Case study: Munnypot, Unlock the power of Robo advice.

2nd May 2018

Company: Five Degrees
Read all about five°degrees’ Matrix at UK disruptor Munnypot. Here's what Andrew Fay - co-founder Munnypot - has to say: “Matrix, from the point-of-view of managing the data and ensuring the correct flow of that data, is a robust platform, bringing a good level of stability and playing an important role.” read more


1st May 2018

Trace Financial provides Transformer, a solution that combines with Red Hat® JBoss® Fuse and Red Hat 3scale API Management to help bridge the gap between legacy applications and new payment services. Transformer includes an MT-MX mapping suite based on consistently updated libraries of SWIFT standards, helping analysts and developers resolve... read more