The 7 Core Features of Investment Research Management Software

19th September 2018

Company: Dynamo Software
Discover the core 7 features that you should look for when purchasing investment research management (IRM) software. This whitepaper produced by Dynamo Software will help you understand how over 500 fund managers have chosen us as their IRM solution. read more

The 10 Best Practices for Deal Management Software

19th September 2018

Company: Dynamo Software
This educational whitepaper by Dynamo Software showcases 10 best practices that should be included in every alternative asset deal management software. Download to find out what you should be looking for during your product search. Learn why over 500 fund managers have chosen Dynamo to solve their deal management needs today. read more

Consolidated Audit Trail Go-Live is Now a Certainty

19th September 2018

Company: Kx
In this first article in a series about the roll out of the SEC’s Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT), Kx Regulatory Reporting Director Adam E. Dix provides an update on the status of the regulation which will improve the ability of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Self-Regulatory Organizations (SRO’s) to more effectively oversee... read more

GFT Streaming Enterprise Analytics Platform (SEAP)

19th September 2018

Company: GFT
GFT, global IT engineering and technology specialists for the financial services industry for over 30 years – and Google Cloud services partner, has announced the launch of their GFT Streaming Enterprise Analytics Platform (SEAP) solution powered by Google Cloud. SEAP provides real-time data ingestion and processing to support the consumption of... read more

Case Study: Improving Operations with FundCount's Integrated Accounting Software

18th September 2018

Company: FundCount
FundCount enables Benefit Trust, an institutional trustee and custodian, to perform all core portfolio accounting functions and run financial reporting in a single system. From automating the calculation of interest on Guaranteed Insurance Contracts in multiple portfolios to automating the dividend process, FundCount has provided across-the-board... read more


17th September 2018

Company: ACI Worldwide
View the on-demand webinar to learn how you can deliver the optimum customer experience to your business customers. Key Takeaways: - Learn how to evaluate digital banking platforms - Understand the latest trends in digital banking - Knowledge to build a business case for increased investment Hosted by: Chris McDonnell, Greenwich Associates Kevin... read more

Webinar: How 'Request for Pay' can unlock the value of real-time payments

13th September 2018

Company: ACI Worldwide
ACI Worldwide, Vocalink, The Clearing House and Bobsguide discuss how ‘Request for Pay’ (RFP) can benefit banks in the U.S. and globally. Customers are looking for fast and simple ways to conduct their transactions. The way for banks to address this demand is through Open APIs & ‘Request for Payment’ technology. If banks fail to offer... read more

Banking on Pot

12th September 2018

As states across the US legalize marijuana, will banks be able to handle these high-risk customers? Download the infographic to learn more. read more

A strategic guide to selecting a digital banking platform

12th September 2018

Company: Five Degrees
To make the full switch to digital banking, you require a digital banking platform. However, how do you determine which platform best suits your strategy? The Strategic Guide to Selecting a Digital Banking Platform helps you plan your route through your digital transformation. read more