Taking AML to the Next Level

16th July 2018

SAFE Advanced Solutions Visual Intelligence Platform® arms institutions with actionable intelligence to identify, assess and manage relationship risk across the enterprise. read more

SBS in ACAMS Today: Reputationally Exposed Persons & Corruption Risk

16th July 2018

Most institutions are familiar with politically exposed persons (PEPs), but fewer organizations have formalized policies around a broader risk category of reputationally exposed persons (REPs). REPs may have connections to the political world, government contracts or commercial activity and may be at risk for corruption or money laundering... read more

SEVEN reasons why Accurate Cash Forecasting is important to Treasurers

13th July 2018

Company: AccessPay
Accurate cash flow forecasts are difficult to achieve, and in some ways they are the holy grail of working capital management. Fundamental to the role of treasury and finance, it surprising to hear that many in the profession believe that their cash flow forecast are inaccurate. Why is this, and what can be done about it? >>> Taken from the coveted... read more

Secrets to Cash Forecasting Optimisation - Webinar

13th July 2018

Company: AccessPay
In this in-depth webinar, we look at why you should refocus on cash forecasting optimisation and how you can achieve the best results for your organisation. We review the different types of forecasts you can create, approaches you can take for data gathering and look at technology you can use to improve forecasting. Ideal for: Treasury and finance... read more

InstanWatch KYC fact sheet

12th July 2018

Company: Trapets AB
A brief description of Trapets' screening service against PEP and sanctions lists. read more


12th July 2018

A corporate treasury department has to thoroughly review each option while in the process of connecting to the SWIFT network. The following is an interview completed with Carrie Reyna, Director of Treasury Operations at Sysco Corporations by Benjamin Haws, Senior Business Analyst at Axletree Solutions Inc. If you are also going through the same... read more

Video: CASS Audits

12th July 2018

Company: AutoRek
We are in year 2 of the application of the FRC’s enhanced assurance standard, which finds firms undertaking remedial work to ensure a return to a cleaner audit opinion. Does your firm still rely on manual processes and spreadsheets? Can your firm prove they are in control? Watch our 60 second video to find out why controls should be put in... read more

GFT Cloud Adoption Research

10th July 2018

Company: GFT
A recent GFT study reveals the banking industry is more excited by the disruptive potential of cloud computing than its ability to simply reduce costs. The findings reveal that investment banks are set to increase their use of public cloud by over fifty percent within the next five years, as greater awareness of the benefits of hosting banking... read more

The Regulatory Space

6th July 2018

Company: AutoRek
The FRC Assurance Standard covers the work that auditors need to undertake when reporting to the FCA on the compliance by financial services firms with the FCA’s CASS rules. The FCA expect better recordkeeping and record retention to prove controls are in place, operating effectively and that clients are indeed protected. But what does that mean... read more