Taking AML to the Next Level

13th August 2018

SAFE Advanced Solutions Visual Intelligence Platform® arms institutions with actionable intelligence to identify, assess and manage relationship risk across the enterprise. read more

SBS in ACAMS Today: Reputationally Exposed Persons & Corruption Risk

10th August 2018

Most institutions are familiar with politically exposed persons (PEPs), but fewer organizations have formalized policies around a broader risk category of reputationally exposed persons (REPs). REPs may have connections to the political world, government contracts or commercial activity and may be at risk for corruption or money laundering... read more

FundCount Case Study: Partnership & Portfolio Software for a Private Equity Firm

8th August 2018

Company: FundCount
A leading Singapore-based private equity firm turned to FundCount to eliminate its reliance on external fund administrators. FundCount's integrated partnership and portfolio, general ledger and reporting software helped the firm reduce costs, improve accuracy and enhance operational efficiency. Download the case study to learn more. read more

The Power of Voice

8th August 2018

Being in total control of your data should be easy when you have the right platform. In Gresham's Innovation Labs, we’ve been busy removing more user friction and embracing the interface of voice. For this demo, we're using Alexa... read more

Data Integrity for MiFID II

8th August 2018

Of all the regulation that has been issued by the pan-European regulatory body, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) since the financial crash, MiFID II looks set to have the greatest impact in terms of investment protection, governance, third country, markets and processing. Are your systems up to the challenge of MiFID II? read more

Adox Research: Reconciliations Highlights 2018

8th August 2018

This Reconciliation highlights 2018, with key insight from Adox Research 8x8 survey uses a data-driven methodology based on best practice blueprints, product questionnaires and demonstrations to compare capabilities, value propositions and market messages of eight leading providers of reconciliation solutions across eight measures of... read more

Case study: Van Lanschot

8th August 2018

Company: Five Degrees
Van Lanschot replaced the bank’s Siebel CRM system with five°degrees' digital banking platform Matrix. Within current projects, the bank adopts the workflow aspects of the system to bring improved automation in areas such as client onboarding. read more

eNewsletter Summer 2018

8th August 2018

Company: Profile Software
Profile’s eNewsletter Summer 2018 highlights the company’s latest news, product upgrades, new installations and insights on Marketplace Lending, Treasury Management, Robo-Advice, Online Banking, digital Customer Onboarding, while analysing how technology helps firms achieve automation and profitability. read more

Time for a new approach to financial surveillance

7th August 2018

Company: Kx
Kx regulatory expert Mike Gorman explains what banks need to know to upgrade their surveillance systems to meet today's increasing global regulatory requirements. From building a team; to creating smart alerts that don't waste analysts' time; to bridging the compliance/business divide, companies need to step back and evaluate their compliance and... read more