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CrowdStrike VP Q&A on cybercrime and financial services

25th April 2017

Company: bobsguide
bobsguide's exclusive interview with Mike East, Vice President EMEA at CrowdStrike. Who or what currently poses the greatest threat to the digital security of a financial services company? Financial institutions remain a top target for cybercriminals. Today’s hackers - be they criminal or state-sponsored actors - target all... read more

Connecting islands of commercial payment innovation to the payment mainland

18th April 2017

Company: bobsguide
New technologies and regulatory change are reinvigorating commercial payments, sparking increasing collaboration between fintechs and traditional financial institutions. But significant challenges remain in this diverse and complex sector, despite the opportunities. Every part of our lives has been touched by the digital revolution. From... read more

Why threat hunting is the future of cybersecurity

10th April 2017

Company: bobsguide
bobsguide sat down with Peter Cohen, Strategic Director for Countercept at MWR InfoSecurity, to dscover more about threat hunting, cybersecurity’s newest trend that putting humans back at the centre of cybercrime defence systems in conjunction with innovative technology. What role does MWR play in the financial services market? There... read more

Fintech investment outside the M25

6th April 2017

According to the Tech Nation 2017 report, the UK’s digital economy is growing twice as fast as the wider economy with an estimated turnover of £170 billion. Of this a remarkable £114 billion was linked to companies outside of the M25. With the rest of the UK giving London such a run for its money, what are the benefits of being... read more

How banking leaders are turning to graph databases to help manage change

3rd April 2017

Company: Neo Technology
Neo Technology’s Emil Eifrem discusses how dependency management techniques and technologies are helping financial services improve their tech infrastructure As we all know, banking systems still in use dating from the 1970s are compromising bank performance, and it’s an issue that’s dogged the industry for years. Technology... read more

Everything you want to know about how AI is transforming banking but were too afraid to ask

28th March 2017

Company: bobsguide
The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is set to change the way banks and financial services operate, as well as the way consumers approach their personal banking. Powerful AI can replace humans with machines, improve customer experience and provide simplified cost-effective solutions for businesses. bobsguide recently spoke about AI’s... read more

“It’s important for us to find ways to co-create and embrace the digital and disruptive technologies”: Peter Crawley, Citi Country Officer, South Africa. MD, Treasury & Trade Solutions Head Sub-Saharan Africa

27th March 2017

Company: bobsguide
Peter Crawley currently leads Citi’s franchise in South Africa and provides senior leadership in dealing with risk, franchise and business issues. He is also responsible for Citi’s treasury and trade business in Sub-Saharan Africa, spanning 11 presence and 26 non-presence countries. Since Citi re-entered South Africa in 1995, it has... read more

Are CASBs the answer to banking SaaS security issues?

24th March 2017

Company: Bitglass
Eduard Meelhuysen, Head of EMEA, Bitglass  The benefits of cloud computing are now widely documented, but while some industries have leapt at the chance to migrate to cloud based services, the banking and finance sector has been relatively conservative, and for good reason. The stringent security and compliance regulations that govern this... read more

Enabling blockchain and Bitcoin with in-memory computing

21st March 2017

Company: GridGain Systems
Nikita Ivanov - Founder & CTO, GridGain A 2016 Deutsche Bank survey of 200 participants in the global financial industry found a very high degree of enthusiasm for blockchain, the digital-ledger technology behind Bitcoin. A remarkable 87 percent of respondents expect it to have a major impact on the securities services market, with 75... read more

Financial services and the digitization race: Reinventing customer experience for today's expectations

20th March 2017

Daragh OByrne, VP, Global Head of Marketing & Alliances, Nucleus Software As one of the earliest adopters of information technology, financial institutions used to be at the forefront of technology waves, from mainframes to client server, from branches to ATMs, from passbooks to cards. However, the rate of change in consumer technology... read more