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Trends: Data wars - Can banks ever get ahead of cybercrime? | Fintech Recap 2017

20th December 2017

Company: bobsguide
It is a constant arms war that costs banks millions of dollars each year to combat the attacks of increasingly sophisticated criminals. Do banks have the resources and skill to get ahead of the cybercriminals?  The short answer is no. Ever since criminals realised that bank heists were no longer a viable risk strategy, they’ve... read more

Trends: Incumbent banks and the digitisation dilemma| Fintech Recap 2017

18th December 2017

Company: bobsguide
As the digitisation of financial services continues at pace, accelerated by new digitally native entrants to the market and regulatory changes such as PSD2, incumbents banks have an increasingly difficult problem to solve. Today’s customers are transitioning from hoping to expecting a top quality omnichannel user experience from their bank,... read more

What will be the most significant banking trends in 2018? From challenger banks to white label hubs

18th December 2017

Company: Auriga
Before bankers’ offices empty out and everyone heads home for mince pies and mulled wine, we wanted to take a moment and consider the year ahead for retail banking and self-service technologies. Here are the key trends we think could l shape the industry in 2018. Challenger banks to continue generating a buzz The hype around... read more

bobsguide's interviews of the year: Laurent Herbillon | Fintech Recap 2017

17th December 2017

Company: bobsguide
As part of our review of the past year in fintech, bobsguide is revisiting some of the standout interviews we have conducted in the past 12 months. In February, BNP Paribas announced that it was joining forces with Silicon Valley-based tech accelerator scheme Plug and Play to develop future fintech partners to assist with its €3bn digital... read more

bobsguide's interviews of the year: Nadeem Syed | Fintech Recap 2017

16th December 2017

Company: bobsguide
As part of our review of the past year in fintech, bobsguide is revisiting some of the standout interviews we have conducted in the past 12 months. Today's interviewee is Nadeem Syed, CEO of Finastra, who spoke to bobsguide at Sibos 2017 in October about overhauling legacy systems.   What are your key takeaways from the customer... read more

bobsguide's interviews of the year: Sophie Guibaud, VP Fidor Bank | Fintech Recap 2017

10th December 2017

Company: bobsguide
In our latest review of the past 12 months, we take another look at bobsguide's exclusive interview with Sophie Guibaud, VP of European Expansion at Fidor Bank. How did you get started in the fintech industry and what’s your role at Fidor Bank? I started my career in investment banking in New York before joining TIME Equity... read more

Fintech trends: The rise of AI | Fintech 2017 Recap

8th December 2017

Company: bobsguide
This article on 2017’s AI comes very recently after Google’s AutoML project created an AI child that was smarter than AI built by humans. The ‘child AI’ called NASANet was created by two parent AIs and utilises ‘reinforcement learning’ that enables it to report, learn and improve from its parent AIs. Whilst... read more

Five UK startups to watch: Were we right? | Fintech Recap 2017

4th December 2017

Company: bobsguide
Over the next month we will be looking back at fintech in 2017 from every angle, in order to determine the most significant developments in the industry during that time. This article looks back on an article we did in February which predicted the top UK fintechs to watch for 2017. Were we right? How have those fintechs performed and what has... read more

Open banking: How Barclays, HSBC and Monzo are rethinking reward loyalty

29th November 2017

Company: Foolproof
Open Banking is a general term that describes two pieces of regulation: the Competition and Market Authority’s ‘Open Banking remedy’ and the European Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2). (For a handy guide on the legislation, here's everything you wanted to know about PSD2.) By opening up customers’ banking data... read more

Why challenger banks want to become a marketplace for your finances

23rd November 2017

Company: bobsguide
This article was first published on our sister site, PaymentEye. With PSD2 and other regulatory initiatives pushing us towards a data-sharing economy, challenger banks in the UK and Europe are steadily heading towards embracing a marketplace mentality that promotes all of a consumer’s finances in one place. Several challenger banks,... read more