Treasury Management Systems Insights


Overcoming global transaction banking challenges

20th November 2017

Company: BELLIN
Sebastian Niemeyer, Head of BELLIN GTB Services As companies work to grow their businesses, many turn their attention to opportunities overseas. However, international expansion is not without its challenges – particularly where corporate treasury is concerned. While companies need to put appropriate banking structures in place in order... read more

How Millennials may shape the future of asset management

16th November 2017

Company: bobsguide
The PIMFA Millennial Report 2017 was published today, with the aim of learning how the youngest working generation views personal investment management. Bobsguide's very own Millennial, David Beach, takes a look. Foresight is not often associated as the strongest suit of the young. Gratification tends to be instantaneous; remember #YOLO... read more

Secrets of selecting the right TMS

16th November 2017

Most articles on the topic of TMS selection are written by consultants offering their take on the Do’s and Don’ts of process. Then you have articles offering the experience of Corporate Treasurers. These insights can be very useful if you are a Corporate Treasurer looking to select a successful TMS. However, as a vendor, we see all... read more

Everything you need to know about SWIFT gpi

14th November 2017

Company: bobsguide
With SWIFT announcing its new SWIFT gpi network, extensively covered at Sibos 2017, we’ve pulled together an overview and the best SWIFT gpi articles on bobsguide. Firstly, define SWIFT. If you’re a corporate or bank you’ve probably used SWIFT, or to use their far catchier name, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial... read more

Is blockchain usage at a tipping point?

10th November 2017

Company: bobsguide
As blockchain business cases are emerging, companies are now looking at issues of data privacy, liability and cross-organisation cooperation. Trade finance and supply chain finance blockchain platforms are proving to be popular, Lata Varghese, Cognizant’s vice president and leader of its blockchain and distributed... read more

What are the cost implications for Business UK as we move towards digital reporting to HMRC?

8th November 2017

Company: FiREapps
Survey reveals how Making Tax Digital is seen as a cost burden Despite hiccoughs along the way, the general direction of Making Tax Digital (MTD) remains unchanged. VAT registered businesses will be mandated into HMRC's plans for quarterly bookkeeping and reporting from 2019 and even the smallest of businesses will have to provide data in... read more

TMS Guide 2017: The future is mobile, regardless of regulations

7th November 2017

Company: bobsguide
PSD2 heralds a new dawn for mobile payments, as the regulatory technical standards around the upcoming European open banking regulations are expected to put mobile devices at the heart of new payment techniques. Strong customer authentication required by PSD2 is key as well as initiating, and authenticating, transfers directly from bank accounts... read more

How interlinked technology is underpinning the evolution of payments

1st November 2017

Company: TAS Group
There’s no time to rest for financial services. The unstoppable wave of innovation and change that the industry is riding is showing no signs of abating, thanks to new challenges and opportunities such as T2+T2S Consolidation, GDPR, PSD2, Instant Payments, open banking, SWIFT gpi, and blockchain. Each topic cannot ignore the others, giving... read more

What will the biggest challenge for treasurers be in 2018?

30th October 2017

Company: bobsguide
Today’s treasuries face a raft of new hurdles and opportunities. We asked four leading treasurers to explain what they believe will be the biggest challenges in the year ahead. Tim de Knegt is the manager for strategic finance and treasurer for the Port of Rotterdam – the largest port in Europe. “The importance of... read more