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Entity data - a key component in understanding risk and identifying exposure

2nd August 2011

by Darren Marsh, business manager, Risk Management & Compliance Services, Interactive DataSingle name exposure or ‘issuer risk’ is the exposure to a single name issuer or group of issuers by virtue of the securities held in an investment portfolio or fund. Understanding single name exposure is an essential component of the risk management... read more

Know your insider

1st August 2011

By Simon Romp, principal consultant, Rule FinancialThere has been much publicity around the recent data security breaches of high profile firms such as Citibank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). While these have made anti-heroes out of the hacking collectives LulzSec and Anonymous, the attacks have also raised the issue of data protection... read more

UK banking regulation must move beyond "confusing nonsense" say industry experts

11th July 2011

Company: bobsguide
“Confusing and complicated” and “an onslaught of regulatory nonsense” are not phrases often heard when discussing incoming financial regulation - but these were the comments made by Howard Davies, first chairman of the Financial Services Authority (FSA), and Jim O’Neill, chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management Division, when debating... read more

How intelligent finance can be a business’s flexible friend

30th June 2011

Company: Centralis Ltd
By Rob Greenslade, director at Centralis With a number of commercial and technology factors driving desktop migration and transformation, intelligent finance can enable businesses to benefit now and pay later for an enhanced IT service delivery.Many businesses are currently looking to refresh or transform their desktop environment by adopting... read more
Koger: Can Private Equity Firms Afford The Risk of Spreadsheets?

Koger: Can Private Equity Firms Afford The Risk of Spreadsheets?

28th April 2011

Company: Koger Inc.
Private equity firms continue to rely heavily on Excel spreadsheets when it comes to data calculation management, but a recent review paper by the UK’s financial services watchdog has prompted a rethink of this business practice. The paper by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) recently highlighted that data management was a key area in where... read more
Achieving international payments

Achieving international payments

25th February 2011

By Adrian Stafford-Jones, managing director, Albany Software, David Sear, global managing director, Travelex Global Business PaymentsOver the past decade the payments landscape in the UK has changed dramatically. From the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of Bacs payments to the explosive growth of the internet and online communities, companies... read more
Corporate actions - creating the perfect storm

Corporate actions - creating the perfect storm

10th February 2011

By Kevin Maxwell,Marketing Manager ValueLink,Understanding the underlying problems that create risk within the processing of corporate actions now demands a much more strategic thought process. Many firms have invested in people to research and interpret the details of a corporate action. However, this has proven to be costly, time consuming and... read more

Credit risk management – the big picture

16th November 2010

Mikael Krohn, vice-president,EDB Business PartnerAccording to a recent survey by Royal Bank of Scotland, managing risk is more important than growth for nearly half of UK firms – and these companies are not alone. Over the last two years, risk management has become a primary concern for both banks and lenders, both in terms of regulatory... read more
Sibos 2010 Day Two - Liquidity management is now 'flavour of the month'

Sibos 2010 Day Two - Liquidity management is now 'flavour of the month'

27th October 2010

Company: bobsguide
“Calm” and “comforting” - As Sibos headed into the second day, these two words were used by one vendor to describe the mood of 2010’s event - and was perhaps a far cry from how it felt to attend the conference during the past two years. As the ongoing dialogue over the future of the banking industry continued into day two, the words... read more

The weakness of rule based systems in Middle and Back Office risk analysis data solutions

6th September 2010

Company: Sinus Iridum
By Mark Geffryes, business development director, Sinus Iridum Let’s hear it for the operations team Typically middle and back office systems ensure that all trading and transactional information is recorded correctly, all governance issues are complied with and all processes behind the scenes run smoothly. In short, this is the function that... read more