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The challenges financial services have in using the cloud

6th December 2016

Company: Softek
There is no doubt that many industries are embracing the cloud, but financial services organisations are slow to transition and are lagging behind. So, why is this? Simply, financial service firms are concerned about their regulatory compliance, the complexity of functional replacement, security and control. In July of this year, the FCA... read more

Banking on the cloud

30th November 2016

Company: bobsguide
The future of banking is predicated on cloud computing as cost, flexibility, speed and a desire to tap into fintech innovation drive uptake by challengers and established banks.   Cloud computing capacity and services mean that small challenger banks, often using financial technology (fintech) developed by others, can compete with big... read more

The lure of the boutique

29th November 2016

Company: Citisoft
Working for one of the Big Four consulting giants clearly has its strengths, but for senior level exposure and quality of life, a boutique consulting firm can have a lot to offer. The consulting world can be a lucrative but demanding environment. Long hours and big bucks is the general public perception of the industry, but there is perhaps more... read more

Multi-asset portfolio decision support: challenges and solutions

28th November 2016

Jan Hoenisch, Director of Global Partnerships at Charles River Development, moderates a discussion of challenges and opportunities facing buy-side firms managing institutional multi-asset portfolios. Panelists Dan diBartolomeo, President and Founder of Northfield Information Services; Patrick Kirchner, Managing Consultant of Citisoft; and Lee Garf,... read more

Taking the first steps in fraud prevention

22nd November 2016

Company: SSP
Judging by the latest figures from the City of London Police’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED), it seems that ghosts are for life rather than just Halloween – or at least ghost brokers are. Since the department was established in 2012, it has carried out 86 investigations into ghost brokers, with a total value in excess of... read more

Agility and collaboration: the key to success

21st November 2016

“The customer is king”: not a new phrase. But a phrase that probably resonates more than ever in the banking and payments sector as traditional boundaries are broken down and there is almost a free-for-all when it comes to competing for customers.    Undoubtedly the digital world has been at the heart of the changes seen in... read more

Harnessing the power of big data to bring innovative solutions to financial services institutions

17th November 2016

In the financial services industry, data has always been “big”. Information derived from data is the fuel that drives the engines of global capital markets. Behind every trading decision – to buy, sell, or hold – is an analysis, whether based on a company’s fundamentals, its past market performance, or a trader’s... read more

Europe’s GDPR: a win for the conglomerates?

14th November 2016

Company: bobsguide
With cloud computing and services continuing to attract more business and a wider variety of consumer, the impact on the economies of nations worldwide could be significant. However, new regulations coming into place in Europe could prove to be devastating to small SaaS cloud providers, leaving the marketplace to be dominated by behemoths such as... read more

Data quality instrumental to financial stress testing programmes

11th November 2016

Company: ClusterSeven
Data plays a critical role in the complex process of stress testing, and as most stress tests are conducted wholly or partially via spreadsheet-based models in banks and financial institutions, it’s hardly surprising that the Bank of England’s programme has been criticised over its quality. Plagued by numerous ‘fatal... read more

AT&T shores up cloud offerings with new AWS and IBM partnerships

11th November 2016

Company: bobsguide
Solidifying the fact that telecommunication firms were, and still are, at the forefront of cutting edge technology and how it will impact future business, American giant AT&T has agreed to new partnerships with Amazon Web Services and IBM in a bid to fortify its position as an industry leader in cloud offerings. The moves come as the demand... read more