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Understanding spreadsheet risk to make Excel safe for financial closure

30th July 2018

Company: ClusterSeven
Time and again, the legitimacy and value of the spreadsheet to business, and in particular to the finance department is questioned, given the numerous times spreadsheet errors have caused significant issue for organisations. But the reality is that for all its shortcomings, this humble tool remains essential for core business processes and remains... read more

Making the money work – smart IT modernization

26th July 2018

Company: Micro Focus
Driving to Digital In an era of digital transformation, not to mention a lot of economic and regulatory change, for many organizations this means unprecedented pressure to deliver new innovation to remain relevant and competitive. With studies revealing that only 5% of organizations winning at digital transformation, the ever-increasing pace and... read more

Innovation forcing CIOs to compromise IT security

23rd July 2018

Company: bobsguide
Cyber criminals are frequently targeting systemically vital infrastructure in healthcare, government and finance, and are increasingly sponsored by nation states. Last week, 1.5m medical records were stolen from SingaHealth, Singapore’s main healthcare group, with the hackers acting on political motivation by "specifically and... read more

Is Excel still useful for financial closure?

20th July 2018

Company: Conciliac
We are nearly at the edge of a new decade, and as we approach it, developments that once left like science fiction are widely considered part of our everyday lives. Video calls, smart phones, the end of physical money that every day draws closer as cryptocurrencies and digital transfers grow in popularity, the uptake in near-field communication,... read more

Mifid II compliance: firms have “taken their eye off the ball”

17th July 2018

Company: bobsguide
The second markets in financial instruments directive (Mifid II), which came into force on January 3, continues to put pressure on market participants. Clause 16.7 of the directive, which requires firms to record communications linked to a trade to be recorded and made accessible to regulators should they require it, has been particularly onus: a... read more

New dog, old tricks: data management in the cloud

16th July 2018

Every cloud has a silver lining, at least that's what our elders drummed into us, an early example of expectation management and how to deal with life's challenges. Other teaching proxies included looking after the family dog, a somewhat more practical and physical learning experience, involving across the board responsibilities of duty of... read more

A new world order: how regulations have transformed banking tech strategy

10th July 2018

Company: Profile Software
Regulatory changes and technological innovations lead banks to transform their business models to better manage risk, enhance client service and thus remain competitive, flexible and agile. In particular, the financial services organisations need to deploy a framework to support Basel III (for capital requirements and liquidity risk), Mifid II (for... read more

Panzarino: Brexit talent gap “can no longer be ignored”

10th July 2018

Company: bobsguide
Fintech market participants are growing wary of the impact of Brexit, with some suggesting the recruitment pool will be the most pressing issue. “It’s the joy of living in a single market zone,” said Asif Faruque, of Level39, at Fintech Week London 2018, “but Brexit will seriously hamper access to talent. It needs to be... read more

CTO headache: choosing the right fintech solutions

10th July 2018

Company: bobsguide
Over the past few years, financial market participants have come to rely more and more on third party tech vendors for a list of reasons. From risk management to trading to treasury and compliance, few financial firms don’t find themselves reliant on the expertise of the fintech community. But while selecting, negotiating, and dealing with... read more

Mifid II call recording failure: problems of procurement?

9th July 2018

Company: bobsguide
Few anticipated Europe’s largest set of financial rules to be a walk in the park – even after the one-year delay that many had hoped would give market participants time to get their compliance requirements in order. Several months in, however, and many are still struggling: recent research by communications specialists TeleWare suggests... read more