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More than three quarters of Asia-Pacific firms fear regulatory risk

9th August 2018

Company: bobsguide
Investment in data analytics may be the solution to concerns around regulatory uncertainty for Asia-Pacific-based financial market firms, according to a new survey by AxiomSL. 76% of the survey’s Asia-Pacific-based market participants are more concerned this year than last about their ability to comply with regulations. ... read more

Dodd Frank rollback: now is the time for regtech to shine

8th August 2018

Would the 2008 financial crisis have occurred if the original Dodd Frank had been in place? This was one such question posited by the audience in yesterday’s live webinar, looking ahead at how the proposed adjustments to the Dodd Frank Act will shape bank strategy and in turn, fintech strategy. “I don’t believe so,”... read more

SME lending: “Application to funding must be digital”

7th August 2018

Traditional lenders have steered clear of the SME market in recent years – but that’s changing. What was once considered an unprofitable sector, incumbents and new market participants have started to look to SME funding as the next big growth area. But the market has high expectations. Bobsguide spoke with William Wagner, vice president... read more

Evolving your fraud strategy for the instant payments economy

6th August 2018

Company: Feedzai
The global rise of instant payments corresponds with the demand for “instant everything.” Customers want an economy that is like everything else in their lives: frictionless, on­ demand, and most important of all, fast. To meet this demand, central banking authorities everywhere are enabling their member banks with new directives... read more

4 ways AI neural networks will disrupt banking

2nd August 2018

Company: bobsguide
“It should be better known as artificially inflated,” says Fabrice Brossart, CRO of AIG, upon discussing the role that Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays within the insurance giant. A buzzword of many years, Brossart believes that there is not enough penetration into the various sectors of AI. Chris Gledhill, a former Lloyds... read more

Market-leading cloud management platforms

2nd August 2018

Company: bobsguide
Cloud management platforms are technologies that are used to monitor and operate applications, services and data, which are situated on the cloud. In order to select the most effective cloud management software, one needs to pay close attention to a number of features: multiple cloud management (allows application to operate on multiple... read more

US fintech charter: banks to get on the defensive?

1st August 2018

Company: bobsguide
On July 31, the US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency announced it would begin accepting national charter applications from fintech firms, granting them federal rather than state oversight for the first time. The impact could be seismic for financial service providers in the country. For fintech and online lenders, it should come as... read more

How to develop a robust risk management framework

31st July 2018

This article updates Six stages to a robust operational risk framework, written by Richard Pike in September 2011. It explains how a financial services company can create and implement a stable and manageable framework for risk management. 1. Risk identification In this section in the previous article I talked about the process of... read more

Understanding spreadsheet risk to make Excel safe for financial closure

30th July 2018

Company: ClusterSeven
Time and again, the legitimacy and value of the spreadsheet to business, and in particular to the finance department is questioned, given the numerous times spreadsheet errors have caused significant issue for organisations. But the reality is that for all its shortcomings, this humble tool remains essential for core business processes and remains... read more

Making the money work – smart IT modernization

26th July 2018

Company: Micro Focus
Driving to Digital In an era of digital transformation, not to mention a lot of economic and regulatory change, for many organizations this means unprecedented pressure to deliver new innovation to remain relevant and competitive. With studies revealing that only 5% of organizations winning at digital transformation, the ever-increasing pace and... read more