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Everything you need to know about omni-channel banking

7th September 2017

Company: bobsguide
Omni-channel banking must meet the ever more demanding space of digital consumer finance, but what is it? And how is it different from multi-channel banking?  What is multi-channel banking? For much of the digital financial services boom, multi-channel banking was the buzzword. It was the first foray into the digital space for... read more

The applicability of prepaid cards in Africa: A flexible tool for a diverse region

6th September 2017

Company: Compass Plus
Africa is an incredibly diverse continent in terms of economies, religions, politics, infrastructure, demographics and geographies, and to assume that a payment channel that works for one country will work across the board would be a very large mistake. MPesa is a fantastic example of this; while an unprecedented success in Kenya, similar efforts... read more

In the age of customisation, why are banks still generalising?

6th September 2017

Company: FIS
Anthony Jabbour - Chief Operating Officer, Banking and Payments, FIS Know thy customer, as the old adage goes, is an imperative for legacy banks today. At a time when consumers have so much choice, traditional banks are struggling to engage customers with new offers - especially by mail. In fact, some banks have been doing it wrong... read more

Marketing channel optimisation in financial services: How to get started

5th September 2017

Company: Fospha
Claiming to be digital-first is universally challenging, particularly in financial services where only 9% claim to be, compared with 11% across all other sectors. One of the biggest barriers to this is that companies are unable to obtain a holistic view of their customers, meaning they are unable to visualise and analyse the costs associated with... read more

Why innovation and automation is the future of retail banking

1st September 2017

Company: Giosg
50 years ago, a new technology swept across banking, transforming the way that consumers interacted with their financial institutions and their money. The launch of the first ATM (or cash machine), in London by Barclays, heralded a new, consumer driven focus for retail banks, with customers deciding when (and later, where) they wanted to access... read more

Editor's picks: Developments in digital banking

1st September 2017

Company: bobsguide
The latest research into digital banking's future: Four key takeaways Alex Hammond, Managing Editor, bobsguide Juniper Research published a white paper titled Futureproofing Digital Banking 2017, in which it highlights its research data focused on the current state of the digital banking industry, and projects the future... read more

The impact of GDPR: A new regulation for a new world

31st August 2017

Company: Opus Global
The European Union’s new data protection regulation, the GDPR, gives EU citizens ultimate control over their personal data. But when did we lose control? And why? In the second of a two-article series Ben Gould, Managing Director, EMEA & APAC, Opus Global, examines how social and economic evolutions around the globe have been the... read more

The important role of the chief transformation officer in digitising financial services

30th August 2017

Company: Tungsten Network
The digital revolution has shaken up the business world and fundamentally changed the way we all operate. But while digital technology has been available since the 1950s, the business community is still working hard to ensure all large businesses have a digital first approach. Like any radical overhaul of working practices, it is not without its... read more

Editor's picks: The future of in-branch banking

25th August 2017

Company: bobsguide
bobsguide's round-up of the biggest issues surrounding retail banking's remaing physical presence on the high street. Four ways in-branch banking tech will uplift customer experience Graham Lloyd - Industry Principal of Financial Services, Pegasystems For reasons not always quite clear, UK customers continue to demand easy access... read more

How banks should use PSD2 compliance for digital transformation

24th August 2017

Company: DataStax
It’s now less than six months until the Payment Services Directive 2 will come into effect. With national legislation in each of the 28 countries currently in the European Union due by January 13, many banks and financial institutions are currently preparing how to be compliant. For teams preparing for PSD2, there’s a determination to... read more