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The power of concentration

The power of concentration

8th November 2011

Lori Schwartz, head of the Global Liquidity Platform, Global Treasury Solutions, Bank of America Merrill LynchFor the corporate treasurer, the abundance of information that’s available today to make cash management decisions can be a double edged sword. While accurate data is essential to implement effective cash management strategies, filtering... read more
The self-directed investor – an opportunity for the wealth management industry

The self-directed investor – an opportunity for the wealth management industry

7th November 2011

Company: Scivantage
By Joe Stensland, senior vice-president and managing director of wealth management solutions, ScivantageIn order to stay competitive in today’s tough economic environment, the wealth management industry is looking to new markets for revenue streams. The recent growth of the self-directed investor client segment has presented an opportunity.... read more

Are cross-border payment services fit for purpose?

1st November 2011

Company: Earthport plc
By Neil Burton, director of Product Service Strategy, Earthport plcCross-border payments has become a hot topic - albeit gradually, so few people have noticed. While the press spotlight tends to focus on credit and debt, the banking industry simply would not function without its ‘underground pipework’. Transaction banking success, as with... read more
Social media: The mobile money ecosystem

Social media: The mobile money ecosystem

26th October 2011

Company: Sybase
Haridas Nair, vice president, mCommerce Solutions and Services at Sybase 365I recently learned about a sweet little mobile banking application called WishList. You download it to your phone, and type in all the stuff you’d like to buy: furniture, vacations, a house, new car, etc. As you save toward those things, you can allot amounts of money to... read more

Cloud computing is key to compliance with FSA mobile regulations, says IT vendor

25th October 2011

Company: bobsguide
Cloud computing is an important innovation which can help financial firms comply with new regulations surrounding the storage of mobile conversations, an IT vendor has said. New regulations from the Financial Services Authority (FSA) mean organisations working in the financial services sector will need to retain more data surrounding trader... read more
Mobile banking technology enables consumers to be self-sufficient

Mobile banking technology enables consumers to be self-sufficient

20th October 2011

Company: bobsguide
Consumers who want to become more self-sufficient will be at the forefront of adopting mobile banking m-banking technology, Carsten Kress, senior director of sales at Sybase 365, said at the firm’s Financial Services Executive Summit in London. He argued that mobile is a self-service banking channel for consumers and the role of market... read more
Mobile banking: best practice approach to security

Mobile banking: best practice approach to security

19th October 2011

Company: ieDigital
By Mike Warriner, chief technology officer, Intelligent EnvironmentsIn the banking and technology communities one of the biggest topics to dominate headlines and boardroom conversations alike is that of mobile security. For those of us that saw the proliferation of online banking 15 years ago, there are similar parallels to be drawn. The ongoing... read more

Eradicating counterfeit fraud: the challenges that remain

12th October 2011

Guy Weber, risk manager, SIX Card SolutionsThe latest set of statistics issued by Financial Fraud Action UK(1) show that fraud losses on UK cards decreased in the first half of 2011 compared with the same period last year. Total fraud losses on UK cards fell to £169.8 million between January and June 2011. This represents a nine per cent reduction... read more

5 tips for banks to set wheels in motion for ICB compliance (and lobbying)

10th October 2011

In response to the Independent Commission on Banking’s (ICB) ring-fencing recommendations, Leon Orr, specialist in IT change management at Rule Financial, provides five tips for banks to ease the operational challenges of compliance. Sir John Vickers’ report was published almost three weeks ago and received a surprise welcome from Bob Diamond,... read more

Facing the challenges: How regulation and technology are shaping the future of banking services

7th October 2011

Company: Pegasystems
By Reetu Khosla, global director, Financial Crime, Risk and Compliance Solutions, Pegasystems Sibos 2011 offered an insight into the biggest challenges facing financial services providers. Regulation, mitigating risk and economic uncertainty were among the main themes of discussion at the conference. Indeed, at a time when banks are struggling to... read more