Change Before You Have To: FIX Protocol Ltd Renamed Fix Trading Community

20th August 2013

Company: bobsguide
Amongst other things, Jack Welch is famous for having contributed a key nugget of advice to the business textbooks, recommending firms to ‘Change before you have to’, says Daniella Huggins, global marketing and communications manager at the newly renamed FIX Trading Community. In this blog she provides an overview of the FIX... read more

The emergence of real-time payments: A global comparison

19th August 2013

Company: bobsguide
The rapid growth and development over recent years of real-time payments is examined in this article from Imran Ali, payments manager for Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA) at Citi, which reviews specific national schemes from Poland, in the UK, Nigeria and Singapore. The advantages for corporate and retail banks and their customers are... read more

Is it time for a compliance shared service centre?

14th August 2013

Company: bobsguide
The raft of new and existing regulations facing retail banks from the Basel III capital adequacy regime to the Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations mean that it is increasingly difficult for new entrants to break into the marketplace, says Martin Dempsey, client director at the Certeco consultancy. Perhaps it is therefore time for a shared... read more

Cyber-security is a business issue

6th August 2013

Company: bobsguide
In today’s interconnected digital world cyber-crime regularly makes the headline news, says Allan Boardman, international vice president, ISACA, which should act as a reminder that it is a vital business issue and remind the boardroom to listen to their chief information security officer (CISO). This article provides some tips on how to... read more

Case study: Standard Life gains customer insights via new Webtrends software

5th August 2013

Company: bobsguide
Standard Life has implemented Webtrends Analytics 10 marketing solution, and its Segments and Heatmap tools to aid customer intelligence and targeting, reports Neil Ainger. It is now using it to comply with the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) regulatory changes in the UK and elsewhere in the world to attract business as the rollout continues. ... read more

A Battleground In Payments: Cash v Plastic

31st July 2013

Company: Global Payments
In the wake of a recent British Retail Consortium (BRC) study that showed a 10% decline in UK goods purchased with notes and coins last year, Chris Davies, managing director of the Global Payments processing firm, examines the future of cash versus card payments, and how consumer behaviour and payment technology might develop in the future. ... read more

Case Study: Axa Wealth installs access control and data permission infrastructure from Varonis

29th July 2013

Company: bobsguide
Axa Wealth has been able to identify and control its internal data permissions more effectively after installing data governance, security and monitoring software from Varonis, reports Neil Ainger. The financial services company, Axa Wealth, has simplified its network sharing system with Varonis DatAdvantage, gaining visibility into every... read more

SEPA: Prepare now and avoid the bottleneck

25th July 2013

Company: bobsguide
The chairman of the European Payments Council (EPC), Javier Santamaría, is advising companies and others not yet ready for the single euro payments area (SEPA) to comply as soon as possible before the 1 February 2014 migration deadline as a technology and resource bottleneck reminiscent of the Y2K millennium bug crunch could soon come... read more

The data centre as the new information hub: A tour of Volta’s DC

22nd July 2013

Company: bobsguide
Once upon a time the home of a press agency would have been considered the quintessential information hub of the modern age but a photograph of its headquarters would now be a black and white photo’d nostalgia trip. I visited the old Reuters building in Great Sutton Street in the City of London last month - once such a sepia-toned hub - but... read more

EU Commissioner Barnier urges UK to stay but banking union and FTT point to divergence

15th July 2013

Company: bobsguide
Michel Barnier, the European Union (EU) Commissioner responsible for internal markets and services including financial services (FS), has spoken out at a London conference against UK exceptionalism, writes Neil Ainger. Barnier is the man responsible for overseeing the implementation of a plethora of regulations such as the Bank Resolution and... read more