Inside the mind of a bitcoin miner: Why you should buy in a crash

6th February 2018

Company: bobsguide
bobsguide spoke to Sean Clark, tech entrepreneur and founder of Hut 8, a crypto mining service who’ve recently partnered with Bitfury. Sean has seen firsthand the parabolic success of cryptocurrencies and offers unique and candid insight from the frontline.  When did you get into crypto? I worked in e-commerce since 2012 and... read more

The future direction of digital investing

6th February 2018

Although digital investing is not scaling as quickly as many anticipated, customer awareness and consideration has clearly moved toward digital. Today, about 30-35% of searches for investment products go through digital channels rather than through family and friends, word-of-mouth and other sources. To catch the shift to digital, Investment... read more

The role of big data in banking and how it can be used to drive a successful omnichannel strategy

5th February 2018

Company: Auriga
With the proliferation of the internet and smart devices, businesses have access to more data than ever before. Finding ways to extract value from this data has been a goal for some time, and led to a great deal of hype around big data (so-called digital “black gold”). Nonetheless, there are real rich insights that could be elicited... read more

Why bank fee monitoring is more than just “penny pinching”

5th February 2018

The electronic analysis of bank fees not only cuts costs but also helps to sustainably improve the quality of treasury processes. Monitoring bank fees is not a task which is particularly popular in treasury departments. The idea of working through stacks of paper in the hope of understanding confusing bank fee nomenclature doesn’t... read more

Editor’s picks | Is 2018 the year blockchain sees mass adoption in financial services?

2nd February 2018

Company: bobsguide
Moving beyond experiments to solving payments in capital markets with blockchains Arjun Jayaram, Founder & CEO, Baton Systems It has been no secret that banks are thoroughly testing blockchain applications and some have even begun to apply the technology to key business ventures. However, while most would agree that innovation is pivotal... read more

Why 2018 will be the year of local and unique preferences

2nd February 2018

Company: PayU
2017 was a year of discoveries across the payments industry, with the emerging markets arguably leading the way. These are areas of the world where fintech innovations have enabled companies to harness technology and embrace partnerships, developing innovative solutions and products, and ultimately providing greater financial access to underserved... read more

Why the future of banks does not solely rely on bankers

1st February 2018

By Gustavo Burnier, Managing Director UK, Designit To succeed in today’s financial landscape, banks must look at how they can best meet the demands of consumers, while at the same time ensuring they are keeping up with digital transformation. Today’s customers want a banking experience that is easy and seamless across services and... read more

The best risk management software for 2018

31st January 2018

Company: bobsguide
The bobsguide risk management survey in September uncovered the expectations and concerns of chief risk officers and their teams as they look towards evaluating their risk management solutions in 2018. With 62% of respondents stating they wish to purchase or modify their technology, we ran a risk management software comparison to determine the... read more

Why investment banks and institutional investors are turning to the blockchain

31st January 2018

Fintech firms and blockchain based technology are sometimes cast as the enemies of the traditional financial services industry – but my prediction is that in 2018, that will be proved to be a misconception. Hedge funds, investment banks, stock traders and fund managers have a long history of viewing the world of crypto assets with... read more

The fintech Swiss Army knife approach to Open Banking? | Analysis of the deal

30th January 2018

Company: bobsguide
Colin Goldstein, Head of Strategic Partnerships at iwoca and Alan Walsh, Head of Network & Partnerships at Bud, sit down with bobsguide to talk PSD2, collaboration and why banks should be scared of the tech giants. What is your role in the world of financial services? iwoca: We’re on a mission to help small businesses access finance... read more