Understanding mortgage prepayment models

21st November 2017

U.S. agency residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) are the largest and most liquid securitized asset class in the world. Pooling thousands of individual mortgages into a standardized security lets investors easily gain exposure to this important asset class. RMBS provide an attractive yield relative to U.S. Treasuries with comparable credit... read more

Four factors that will determine a bank's mobile account opening success

21st November 2017

Company: Avoka
Derek Corcoran – Chief Experience Officer, Avoka For years now, the largest banks in the UK and around the world have been moving – some slowly, some rapidly – to make their account opening processes accessible on digital channels.  The consumer preference to initiate deposit accounts and loan applications from the... read more

Innovations in payments: Scott Galit, CEO of Payoneer interview

20th November 2017

Company: bobsguide
PaymentEye sat down with Scott Galit at Money20/20 to discuss the future of e-commerce, how technology and the internet are transforming the industry and Payoneer’s initiatives of working with small businesses. What is the objective behind Payoneer? Our goal at Payoneer is to empower our customers by enabling them to pay and get paid as... read more

How banks should combat the tightening squeeze caused by KYC compliance requirements

20th November 2017

Outsourcing KYC is a good way for banks to safeguard their continued regulatory compliance and control spiralling costs, explains Toby Tiala, Programme Director, Equiniti KYC Solutions. In a bid to combat money laundering, market manipulation and even terror funding, the rising tide of conduct-based regulations continues to challenge banks... read more

Overcoming global transaction banking challenges

20th November 2017

Company: BELLIN
Sebastian Niemeyer, Head of BELLIN GTB Services As companies work to grow their businesses, many turn their attention to opportunities overseas. However, international expansion is not without its challenges – particularly where corporate treasury is concerned. While companies need to put appropriate banking structures in place in order... read more

Why better serving business customers is in banks’ interest

17th November 2017

Company: FreeAgent
What if Jonathan Ive was your bank manager? Chances are, a bank run by Apple’s design chief would be simple, effective and do one thing exceptionally well. So why do so many of us feel working with our business bank provider is anything but straightforward? Complaints about banking services continue to increase. Whether it is the cost... read more

How Millennials may shape the future of asset management

16th November 2017

Company: bobsguide
The PIMFA Millennial Report 2017 was published today, with the aim of learning how the youngest working generation views personal investment management. Bobsguide's very own Millennial, David Beach, takes a look. Foresight is not often associated as the strongest suit of the young. Gratification tends to be instantaneous; remember #YOLO... read more

Advanced analytics: A primer for AML compliance professionals

16th November 2017

"Advanced analytics” along with words like machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), supervised and unsupervised techniques, and anomaly detection have quickly become buzz phrases in the anti-money laundering (AML) compliance sphere.  But what, exactly, do these terms mean, and how do we use these technologies to improve our... read more

Client communication best practice for asset management firms

16th November 2017

Company: FundCount
Planned or unplanned. Formalised or ad hoc, every business communicates with clients in some way. For years, asset management firms routinely churned out cookie-cutter accounting and investment reports and other communications to stakeholders. Little thought was given to the format, frequency, accessibility, delivery medium or other individual... read more

Secrets of selecting the right TMS

16th November 2017

Most articles on the topic of TMS selection are written by consultants offering their take on the Do’s and Don’ts of process. Then you have articles offering the experience of Corporate Treasurers. These insights can be very useful if you are a Corporate Treasurer looking to select a successful TMS. However, as a vendor, we see all... read more