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Cash visibility for corporate treasuries

Cash visibility for corporate treasuries

6th September 2011

Company: ION Treasury
By Paul Higdon, chief technology officer,IT2 Treasury SolutionsThe essential role of cash management operations is to ensure that the business has the cash it needs, at the right place, and at the right time. Failure to achieve this strategic objective can directly impact the efficient commercial operation - and ultimately the viability - of the... read more
Sibos 2011 - Is it that time of year again already?

Sibos 2011 - Is it that time of year again already?

22nd August 2011

Company: bobsguide
With less than four weeks to go, the planning stages for this year’s Sibos in Toronto are now well underway. Organised by the Society of Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT), Sibos is one of the most important events on the financial services industry calendar. This is the place to be whether you’re looking to network, make... read more
Payments Infrastructure at the crossroads - will banks accelerate or stall on journey to grow payments business?

Payments Infrastructure at the crossroads - will banks accelerate or stall on journey to grow payments business?

19th August 2011

By Ramanan Seshadri, head of European Operations, Hexaware Technologies Payment solutions have reached a significant crossroads where existing infrastructure and requirements are under intense review. Banks and payment processors are faced with a perfect storm of issues that are large, complex and extremely dynamic. Banks and payment... read more
The future landscape of payments

The future landscape of payments

18th August 2011

Company: Cognizant
By Tony Virdi,vice-president and head of banking and financial services practice, CognizantTony Virdi, vice-president and head of Cognizant’s banking and financial services practice for the UK and Ireland, discusses the changing face of the payments industryThe last fifty years have seen a vast change in the way that payments are undertaken. At a... read more
Basel III: a panacea or too little, too late?

Basel III: a panacea or too little, too late?

16th August 2011

By Selwyn Blair-Ford, head of global regulatory policy, Wolters Kluwer Financial ServicesOver the last few years measures have been proposed and debated at length by regulators, bankers, politicians and others in order to address the issues raised by the financial crisis. As the organisation responsible for providing a supranational framework for... read more
Managing spreadsheet risk in financial services

Managing spreadsheet risk in financial services

15th August 2011

Company: ClusterSeven
By Ralph Baxter, CEO, ClusterSevenTransparency, control and validation of critical business data is an increasingly serious concern for the financial services sector. Banks, insurance companies and actuarial firms are facing up to the fact that they need to tackle the data risk issue as a matter of urgency. However, a major part of this challenge... read more

Don’t get caught out by cybercriminals

3rd August 2011

By Sascha Breite, head of the e-commerce competence centre, SIX Card SolutionsIn the past few years, payment fraud levels have on the whole been decreasing thanks to industry wide efforts to combat this criminal activity. However, the recent actions of hacking groups Lulz Security and Anonymous have put the threat of card-not-present (CNP) fraud... read more

Entity data - a key component in understanding risk and identifying exposure

2nd August 2011

by Darren Marsh, business manager, Risk Management & Compliance Services, Interactive DataSingle name exposure or ‘issuer risk’ is the exposure to a single name issuer or group of issuers by virtue of the securities held in an investment portfolio or fund. Understanding single name exposure is an essential component of the risk management... read more

How intelligent finance can be a business’s flexible friend

30th June 2011

Company: Centralis Ltd
By Rob Greenslade, director at Centralis With a number of commercial and technology factors driving desktop migration and transformation, intelligent finance can enable businesses to benefit now and pay later for an enhanced IT service delivery.Many businesses are currently looking to refresh or transform their desktop environment by adopting... read more

Mobile banking - “It’s not a question of if we implement this, but when”

24th June 2011

Company: bobsguide
The mobile phone is technology that most of us could not afford to live without. These devices have become so important to everyday life, you could almost see them as a limb in their own right, albeit one made out of plastic and wires. In an age where mobile gadgets and technology are increasingly shaping our personal lives, it’s unsurprising... read more