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Risk measurement: A call for standards

9th February 2017

Company: StatPro Group
Risk measurement has grown beyond the ‘Wild West’ mentality of its youth and needs standards in order to fulfil its promise of protecting investors, says Damian Handzy, Global Head of Risk, and Carl Bacon, Chairman, at StatPro Group. Professional risk managers are a curious combination of artist, scientist and practitioner,... read more

FIS recovers strongly after Q4 2016 results spark 3% share price drop

9th February 2017

Company: bobsguide
The share price of global fintech provider FIS has bounced back to slightly over its pre-Q4 2016 financial report level, following a shock dip in Tuesday’s trading. It is of little surprise that market confidence has returned to the NYSE-listed tech supplier, as the financials we’re mostly positive, and the outlook has been strong... read more

Five tech concepts powering dynamic business in 2017

8th February 2017

Eric Rocks, Vice President and Managing Director of SS&C Technologies Running a business is a very dynamic operation that requires taking the time to consider not only how things change, but why things change. By mastering this outlook, financial executives will have a greater ability to manage control over their successes. This is... read more

The migrant crisis and fintech: Payment solutions that provide support to refugees

7th February 2017

Noel Moran - CEO, Prepaid Financial Services Ltd. With the migrant crisis in Europe showing no signs of slowing, and with freezing conditions being widely reported in camps, non-governmental organisations, aid charities, and governments are looking for new and innovative ways to distribute payments quickly and securely to save lives in the... read more

Finovate Europe 2017 preview

7th February 2017

Company: bobsguide
Today is the first day of Finovate Europe 2017, a two-day conference and networking event taking place in London that will showcase many of the most exciting new products and start-ups in the fintech market to senior financial, banking, and technology executives, media, analysts and fintech influencers. Over 70 fintech providers will be on hand... read more

Online lending fraud: A temporary glitch or a long-term issue for lenders?

6th February 2017

William Wagner, CMO/Vice President of Marketing, Cloud Lending Solutions Online lenders have been disrupting the lending ecosystem by combining innovation with advanced financial technology to improve borrower experience, address underserved markets, and reduce operating costs. In 2014, the US marketplace lending origination volume was around... read more

Factors the financial sector needs to consider when outsourcing IT applications

3rd February 2017

Company: NCC Group Plc
Daniel Liptrott, Managing Director at NCC Group Many organisations use business-critical cloud hosted applications to carry out day-to-day operations, but some may not be aware of the potential consequences of losing access to this software. Organisations that outsource these applications must ensure that access to the information held is... read more

The top five ways that AI is transforming banking

1st February 2017

Company: Infosys Limited
Mohit Joshi, President & Head of Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI) at Infosys There was a time when every neighbourhood bank in North America and Europe was acquired by or merged with a larger institution. By 2000, global mega-banks offered fewer choices to consumers looking for competitive interest rates and other services.... read more

“Our cybersecurity tech can perform end-to-end traceability functions that no other technology can do by itself”: VST Enterprises CEO Louis-James Davis interview

1st February 2017

Company: bobsguide
It is in the fight against counterfeiting designer labels that VST Enterprises is currently making strides, with a new partnership with fashion business Dewhirst being announced today. VST Enterprises technology will enable speedy purchasing and provide instant related product information, including current offers and promotions, as well as... read more

The future of fiduciary responsibility

31st January 2017

Company: FactSet
Fran Reed, Global Regulatory Strategy, FactSet  In early 2015, the Obama White House Council of Economic Advisors reported that high investment commission fees lead to conflicted investment advice which cost investors an estimated $17 billion a year.   With a broad surge in Google searches, investors previously unaware of... read more