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Brexit: six months on

15th December 2016

Company: bobsguide
On 23 June, the UK made the decision to leave the European Union. Ever since the national vote, there has been a change in the political infrastructure, with David Cameron stepping down as prime minister and the former home secretary, Theresa May, taking his place.  The British exit from the 28-nation EU promised to curb immigration, reduce... read more

Fintech and impeccable data combine to meet analytics demand of investment professionals

13th December 2016

Company: FactSet
In the popular and political press, 2016 is sometimes and facetiously referred to as the year in which “facts don’t matter”. But in the world of financial technology and investment management, of course, facts do matter. The demand by investment professionals for superior analytics, service, content, and technology has never been... read more

Using big data to improve the customer experience

7th December 2016

Company: Hello Soda
Enticing new customers and understanding existing ones in order to encourage brand loyalty is essential in every sector, and has arguably never been more important than it is today. Consumers are saturated with marketing when it comes to products and services of all types, and the financial services industry is no different. Fintech start-ups... read more

The future of treasury

7th December 2016

Company: bobsguide
Here are some insights into what a few treasury management systems providers are predicting for the future. Do you believe that treasury is truly being innovative in 2016? Philip Pettinato, Chief Technology Officer, Reval: Innovation, while really a relative term, generally means coming up with a better way of doing something you do now. In... read more

Roundup of the year’s biggest trends and challenges

1st December 2016

Company: ECommPay
As consumers in European countries limit their cash spending and increasingly adapt to alternative payment methods, society appears to be heading towards a cashless future. Forward-thinking companies, looking to capitalise on online consumerism, have long established themselves in the digital realm, dictating e-commerce trends and stimulating... read more

Multi-asset portfolio decision support: challenges and solutions

28th November 2016

Jan Hoenisch, Director of Global Partnerships at Charles River Development, moderates a discussion of challenges and opportunities facing buy-side firms managing institutional multi-asset portfolios. Panelists Dan diBartolomeo, President and Founder of Northfield Information Services; Patrick Kirchner, Managing Consultant of Citisoft; and Lee Garf,... read more

Does Nutmeg's recent success mean anything in post-Brexit Britain?

24th November 2016

Company: bobsguide
Nutmeg’s recent purple patch was widely reported upon last week: the wealth manager sold a £24m ($30m) stake to Convoy, an independent financial advisory firm based in Hong Kong, right after their £30m ($37m) funding round. Many see it a step forward for the fintech industry in a post-Brexit world. Even chancellor of the... read more

Digital disruption in capital markets and investment banking

23rd November 2016

Company: Infosys Limited
Regulatory compliance dominated IT spending between 2009 and 2015 upon a backdrop of financial crisis, as well as the number of regulations passed during that time. However, firms have now realised that it is also crucial to spend effectively in areas that are critical to business and customer experience. Digitisation of the value chain (across all... read more

Tesco Bank cyber attack could have been avoided, say experts

15th November 2016

Company: bobsguide
Internet security experts are now claiming that Tesco Bank missed or ignored warning signs that cyber hackers were present in the software many months before cash was actually stolen, forcing the supermarket to pay back £2.5m ($3.1m) of losses to 9,000 customers. According to the Financial Times, the hack has been described as unprecedented... read more

Insurers starting to get to grips with online conversion and complex forms

9th November 2016

Company: Fospha
Insurers went online a long time ago, but one of the major challenges has been creating an online experience that can handle the relatively complex insurance “form-filling” process. Many insurers have managed to drive consumers online, but a major problem has been the drop-off by consumers as they grapple with the online... read more