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Why investors use property portfolio software to increase profit margins

30th November 2016

Company: Logican
Asset management is becoming an increasingly competitive industry. With 83 per cent of industry workers experiencing rising levels of pressure in their job, it’s clear that business is on the up. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the commercial property sector, where capital investment in November rose by 167 per cent from August’s... read more

Digital disruption in capital markets and investment banking

23rd November 2016

Company: Infosys Limited
Regulatory compliance dominated IT spending between 2009 and 2015 upon a backdrop of financial crisis, as well as the number of regulations passed during that time. However, firms have now realised that it is also crucial to spend effectively in areas that are critical to business and customer experience. Digitisation of the value chain (across all... read more

Taking the first steps in fraud prevention

22nd November 2016

Company: SSP
Judging by the latest figures from the City of London Police’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED), it seems that ghosts are for life rather than just Halloween – or at least ghost brokers are. Since the department was established in 2012, it has carried out 86 investigations into ghost brokers, with a total value in excess of... read more

Insurers starting to get to grips with online conversion and complex forms

9th November 2016

Company: Fospha
Insurers went online a long time ago, but one of the major challenges has been creating an online experience that can handle the relatively complex insurance “form-filling” process. Many insurers have managed to drive consumers online, but a major problem has been the drop-off by consumers as they grapple with the online... read more

The relationship of trust may be the winning ticket in the digital race

3rd November 2016

Company: Dimension Data
The pressure to digitise financial products and services and, therefore, on the institutions that provide them, is both relentless and urgent. According to, four of the ten top retail banks will be displaced by digital disruption in the next three years.¹ McKinsey research indicates that digital laggards will see... read more

Financial Services Retailers must take the plunge and innovate

12th October 2016

Company: Pegasystems
For many in the financial services industry, embracing innovation is like standing on a highboard, far above a swimming pool, preparing to dive in. Both come with their own rewards, but are also accompanied by a tangible sense of impending danger, uncertainty and fear. To some extent this is, of course, understandable; it’s no secret that one... read more

Embracing mobile tools can fuel business growth

6th October 2016

Company: GBST
Research earlier this year by US research firm Aite Group for Pershing found that digitally-enabled adviser practices grew assets more quickly than traditional practices over the last twelve months.  The survey, of just over 400 US-based financial adviser practices, found that over 90% of digitally enabled advisers increased their assets... read more

Why business insurance needs to catch up with the millennials

5th October 2016

Company: Digital Risks
There’s never been a more exciting time to start a business in the UK. Over 600,000 new businesses were started last year, up 4.6% on the year before, as more and more entrepreneurs decide to take the plunge. And while starting a business is always a challenge, in many ways it’s never been easier, with technology and co-working spaces... read more

Sibos 2016: Read our coverage here!

3rd October 2016

Company: bobsguide
Take a look at all our coverage of this year’s Sibos in Geneva. Blockchain and cybersecurity were the biggest topics at the event, but issues such as artificial intelligence, financial inclusion and payments were also discussed extensively. 2016 was seen as a gateway year to innovation and financial professionals are just waiting to see what... read more

Spend on compliance: necessary evil or business enabler?

28th September 2016

Company: Dynatrace
The expectation that financial services firms will continue to face more regulation — both volume and complexity — has become the norm for compliance teams. In 2015-16 an average of 200 international regulatory changes and announcements were recorded daily (source: Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence). Compliance teams face a... read more