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Four ways insurance benefits from business intelligence

4th April 2017

Company: MicroStrategy
Hugh Owen - Senior Vice President, Product Marketing, MicroStrategy Every day, businesses are discovering new ways to tap into the power and potential of big data. Due to access to unprecedented amounts of information on business performance and consumer behaviour, companies are now able to refine their products and services in limitless ways. ... read more

The power of graph technology for insurance price comparison

9th March 2017

Company: Neo Technology
Emil Eifrem of Neo Technology explains how Wobi, Israel’s best known price comparison website for pensions and insurance, is using graph technology to enhance its service and stay ahead of the competition Graph databases are helping the financial sector innovate new and exciting services because, unlike traditional relational databases,... read more

What does the future hold for big data?

3rd March 2017

Company: Hello Soda
James Blake, CEO of Hello Soda Big data is an area that companies are increasingly keen to invest in, and for good reason – with more data being collected and analysed than ever before, it’s essential for companies to understand it and make use of it in the best way that they can. Many of the decisions that are made within the... read more

Delivering affordable flood risk cover through the intermediated market

23rd February 2017

Company: SSP
Adrian Coupland, Managing Director, SSP The increased prevalence of flooding means it is no longer just a winter issue. Recent data on natural catastrophe losses from Munich Re showed floods accounted for 34% of overall losses last year, while the number of flood events in Europe requiring insurance payouts has more than doubled since 1980. ... read more

The application of the Pareto Principle in risk and compliance

13th February 2017

Company: Dow Jones
Eric A. Sohn, CAMS, Director of Business Product, Dow Jones Risk & Compliance The Pareto Principle (sometimes called the 80/20 Rule) is simple: the vast majority of the benefit is derived from a relatively small percentage of the effort. Whether those figures are truly 80% and 20% is immaterial; the general principle holds true that effort... read more

Blockchain and insurers: Something or nothing?

13th February 2017

Blockchain has been much considered by the media in recent months as a relatively new concept. As part of this discussion there are many explanations out there for what it is, and its likely advantages for financial services generally. It is important to find some independent definitions for what blockchain actually is. One great source is the... read more

EDM in the cloud: Understanding the business case

7th February 2017

Company: Xenomorph
Brian Sentance, CEO, Xenomorph The economic case for cloud services is more complex than first meets the eye. Comparing any in-house supported technology to one delivered as a cloud service is inherently fraught with subjectivity; depending on your point-of-view and assumptions one could argue the business case for either side. At first... read more

Online lending fraud: A temporary glitch or a long-term issue for lenders?

6th February 2017

William Wagner, CMO/Vice President of Marketing, Cloud Lending Solutions Online lenders have been disrupting the lending ecosystem by combining innovation with advanced financial technology to improve borrower experience, address underserved markets, and reduce operating costs. In 2014, the US marketplace lending origination volume was around... read more

Factors the financial sector needs to consider when outsourcing IT applications

3rd February 2017

Company: NCC Group Plc
Daniel Liptrott, Managing Director at NCC Group Many organisations use business-critical cloud hosted applications to carry out day-to-day operations, but some may not be aware of the potential consequences of losing access to this software. Organisations that outsource these applications must ensure that access to the information held is... read more

The future of fiduciary responsibility

31st January 2017

Company: FactSet
Fran Reed, Global Regulatory Strategy, FactSet  In early 2015, the Obama White House Council of Economic Advisors reported that high investment commission fees lead to conflicted investment advice which cost investors an estimated $17 billion a year.   With a broad surge in Google searches, investors previously unaware of... read more