Insurance Systems Insights


UK insurance: Creating a safe haven in a hardening market

10th January 2017

Company: SSP
Over the last few months, the UK insurance market has continued to harden, with both SSP and industry data showing a shift in premiums. At the same time, the rise in Insurance Premium Tax has continued apace. Experts predict June's climb to 12%, which will bring a further upsurge in premiums, is just another step towards a VAT-matched rate of... read more

2017 outlook: The evolution of IT

9th January 2017

Company: Red Hat
The move to mobile banking “The Way We Bank Now” report from the British Bankers Association (BBA) revealed that there were 347 million payments made via banking apps in 2015 – a 54% increase over the previous 12 months. Customers now log into mobile banking apps 11 million times each day. Anthony Browne, Chief Executive of the... read more

Top Wholesale & Commercial Banking Systems read of 2016: RBS Welcomes the Robot Revolution

2nd January 2017

Company: bobsguide
This week, banker’s fears were confirmed and the robot revolution has begun. The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) will sack hundreds of face-to-face advisers and replace them with a robo-advisory online service, after the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approved this technology. “Our customers increasingly want to bank with us... read more

Top Global Payments & Transfer read of 2016: Ernst and Young: Fintech is Not Just About Tech

30th December 2016

Company: bobsguide
Rounding up the week is this best performing article of 2016 on Global Payments & Transfer. We discuss the importance of fintech and how advances in the sector have significantly evolved globally.  15.5% of digitally active consumers have used at least two fintech products within the last six months. This finding emerged from the survey... read more

Top five reads of the year: The world domination of Blockchain

23rd December 2016

Company: bobsguide
Blockchain was an extremely popular topic of focus in 2016, with businesses approaching the model as a strategic and secure platform. The impact of technology is impacting businesses and this year saw firms focus on strategizing their business models around technological platforms.   Could 2016 be the year of the blockchain boom? With... read more

How machine learning can redefine lending

21st December 2016

The lending ecosystem has witnessed momentous changes in last five years, from fintechs disrupting the industry by leveraging technology and offering ease and speed in process, to evolution of stringent regulations post the 2008 meltdown. Technology has played a significant role in the rapid evolution of the lending industry. One such... read more

The five key benefits of implementing an effective merchant management system

13th December 2016

Company: Compass Plus
The fast-paced payments industry of today makes it hard for financial institutions to keep up with changing requirements; whether technology, regulatory, or consumer driven. For acquirers with merchants that range from large scale global giants to local newsagents, this environment can be even more complex.  To help acquiring banks adapt... read more

Using big data to improve the customer experience

7th December 2016

Company: Hello Soda
Enticing new customers and understanding existing ones in order to encourage brand loyalty is essential in every sector, and has arguably never been more important than it is today. Consumers are saturated with marketing when it comes to products and services of all types, and the financial services industry is no different. Fintech start-ups... read more

Why investors use property portfolio software to increase profit margins

30th November 2016

Company: Logican
Asset management is becoming an increasingly competitive industry. With 83 per cent of industry workers experiencing rising levels of pressure in their job, it’s clear that business is on the up. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the commercial property sector, where capital investment in November rose by 167 per cent from August’s... read more

Digital disruption in capital markets and investment banking

23rd November 2016

Company: Infosys Limited
Regulatory compliance dominated IT spending between 2009 and 2015 upon a backdrop of financial crisis, as well as the number of regulations passed during that time. However, firms have now realised that it is also crucial to spend effectively in areas that are critical to business and customer experience. Digitisation of the value chain (across all... read more