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FSA compliance could provide the foundation for better CPM systems & improved business performance

6th February 2012

Company: bobsguide
By Dean Dickinson, managing director of Advanced Business Solutions The financial services sector is often driven by regulation these days. Organizations in the sector can be forgiven for focusing their resources on ensuring compliance with Financial Services Authority initiatives such as Treat your Customers Fairly (TCF), Know your Customers... read more

Smartphones: What Security Risks Do They Pose?

2nd February 2012

Company: bobsguide
By Alan Thomas, a technology & media executive at the specialist insurer Hiscox Travel anywhere on a plane or train these days and you’ll no doubt notice that you are surrounded by people using a smartphone. They are an extremely useful modern tool that is used by many companies and individuals alike to keep in touch and do work while on the... read more
Cloud computing in financial services: a reality check

Cloud computing in financial services: a reality check

22nd December 2011

Company: IBM
A rapid shift in attitude towards cloud computing is happening within the financial services industry. A recent Gartner survey (1) found that cloud is the top priority for global FS CIOs, yet the hype surrounding the topic often suggests otherwise. IBM’s Nick Davis cuts through the noise to answer the question – what is really happening with... read more
E-business suitability myths and strategies for the insurance industry

E-business suitability myths and strategies for the insurance industry

15th December 2011

By Randy Croce CPCU, CIC, Tata Consultancy Services The insurance industry is cautious by nature; after all, it is a business based on managing risk. Slower to embrace e-business strategies compared to securities, brokers and investment companies, this industry has made circumspective steps in progressing towards an online presence; primarily, by... read more

Leveraging cloud computing for the financial services sector

12th December 2011

Company: Vordel
By Mark O’Neill, CTO, Vordel Cloud computing adoption continues to gain momentum across a broad range of industries including financial services. Once organisations manage to filter through the noise surrounding the cloud, there are actually some very pragmatic ways in which the IT organisations of banks, insurers and similar institutions can... read more
A busy year for Big Data errors

A busy year for Big Data errors

2nd December 2011

Company: ClusterSeven
By Ralph Baxter, CEO at ClusterSeven2011 should go down as the most significant year yet for errors in the sea of unstructured financial data - increasingly seen as part of the Big Data problem engulfing all modern institutions. One wonders what 2012 will bring.Despite the problems that these errors have caused, firms such as ClusterSeven face a... read more

Are cross-border payment services fit for purpose?

1st November 2011

Company: Earthport plc
By Neil Burton, director of Product Service Strategy, Earthport plcCross-border payments has become a hot topic - albeit gradually, so few people have noticed. While the press spotlight tends to focus on credit and debt, the banking industry simply would not function without its ‘underground pipework’. Transaction banking success, as with... read more

Six stages to a robust operational risk framework

20th September 2011

Prior to the financial crisis, very few institutions were able to look at their overall risk profile holistically and truly understand the impact strategic decisions would have on the overall organisation. In most cases, these decisions were made based on single lines of business, operating entities, products, geographies or risk factors.... read more
Basel III: a burden or an opportunity?

Basel III: a burden or an opportunity?

20th September 2011

Bart Vandekerckhove, business analyst, Product Strategy, FinArch IntroductionCurrently, influential leaders of financial institutions, technology vendors, market infrastructures and multinational corporations are meeting at the 25th edition of the Sibos Conference held at Toronto. Basel III will most likely be the talk of the day. With the rules... read more

Anticipating the future of money management

9th September 2011

Company: FIS
By David Hamilton, president of SunGard's banking businessIntroduction: an internal focusThe impact of the financial crisis has been well documented and most are aware of government buy-outs, investor dismay at the industry’s mismanagement of finances, and the resulting loss of credibility and mistrust from the wider consumer world. However, a ... read more