Infrastructure Insights


Innovation forcing CIOs to compromise IT security

23rd July 2018

Company: bobsguide
Cyber criminals are frequently targeting systemically vital infrastructure in healthcare, government and finance, and are increasingly sponsored by nation states. Last week, 1.5m medical records were stolen from SingaHealth, Singapore’s main healthcare group, with the hackers acting on political motivation by "specifically and... read more

The inevitable evolution: financial inclusion, Open Banking and the cloud

23rd July 2018

Agile fintech players offering a range of services have built tremendous customer bases, taking business from the traditional banking network. Three key elements have helped them deliver unique products and services to a wide range of customers, with the help of cloud technology. Banks must be aware of these pillars that now hold up the market,... read more

Technological flexibility: a bank’s dream come true

20th July 2018

Company: Payneteasy
Without doubt, banks have come to the realization that a technology-driven strategy is essential for operational efficiency. Most of the industry’s giants went digital long ago in terms of the user experience with apps and portals. That’s crucial for their UX – in terms of how their customers see them.  But being... read more

US, EU and UK losing innovation arms race

18th July 2018

Company: bobsguide
“The Innovation Arms Race analysis illustrates that the US, EU and UK need to be more focused and strategic in converting R&D dollars into impact and outcomes,” wrote Rosemarie Truman, CEO and founder of CAI, as the report was released. The report aims to provide clarity into the global innovation landscape, identifying how... read more

Case study: SmartShoot’s financial transformation

16th July 2018 organizations think of financial transformation, it often involves adding some automation tools or hiring staff. Very rarely does it involve completely reforming the company while also reshaping the economics of an entire industry. Yet this is the story of... read more

The fintech budget 2018 | infographic

13th July 2018

Company: bobsguide
What is the tech budget for the world's fintech industry? Ever since finance and technology shook hands, entrepreneurs and innovators have spent the last two decades rapidly expanding the role of technology within finance and banking.  In recent years, that role has expanded no end, with collaboration between financial institutions and... read more

AI has arrived - don’t leave data strategy behind

13th July 2018

Company: Finastra
Over the last century computers have sped up exponentially, according to Moore’s law, whilst their production costs have halved every 18 months. That pace is increasing even more with quantum computers that are already running at 50 qubits. By comparison, a 100 qubit computer could theoretically be more powerful than all the supercomputers in... read more

Financial inclusion means more cash, not just technology

12th July 2018

Company: Travelex
According to the World Bank, access to the internet—and smartphones in particular—is having a measurable effect on financial inclusion. In 2011, just half of the adults in the world had access to a bank account or mobile money provider. That has since increased to 69%, with 1.2bn more people having opened a bank account. This 69%... read more

Why the utility model is “a necessary evolutionary step” | podcast

5th July 2018

Company: bobsguide
With tectonic shifts in the global banking industry, digital SMEs are demanding greater services from regional banks. The intertwined and mutually beneficial set of circumstances that the BASIC countries find themselves in has seen an economic boom with technology and a large consumer market available to facilitate tremendous company growth. ... read more

Modernizing ACH for a real-time world | webinar

5th July 2018

NACHA and FIS sat down with bobsguide to discuss the rising need to modernise the  Automated Clearing House (ACH) network in a webinar hosted on June 28. “In 2017, ACH processed more than $46.8 trillion from 21 billion electronic financial transactions, double the GDP of the US,” said Amy Morris, director at... read more