Infrastructure Insights


Private Equity Real Estate (PERE) investment servicing: data management with underlying assets

10th August 2018

Beyond the imperative of return on investment, the entire collective enterprise of PERE investment relies upon collaboration between a growing number of parties; investors, investment managers (IM), management companies, asset servicers, custodians. Further, there is the wider circle that includes regulatory bodies, auditors, tax authorities and... read more

Tackling systemic data problems with blockchain technology

7th August 2018

The digital ecosystem is fuelled by the creation, storage and transmission of data between servers, computers and mobile devices around the globe. This intangible plane is growing exponentially, with over 2.5 million terabytes of data being produced on a daily basis. It’s often said that over 90% of the data circulating today was created in... read more

Blockchain cross-border payments: the companies to watch for Q3 2018

7th August 2018

Company: bobsguide
This list is designed to highlight blockchain remittance, payment and settlement companies that are pioneering the use of distributed ledger technology (DLT) and blockchain. These companies recognise that for cryptocurrency to survive, the underlying technology must solve real world problems and frictions. A key space ripe for innovation, worth... read more

Libor alternatives (and the concerns they raise)

6th August 2018

Company: bobsguide
Dubbed “bigger than Brexit” by the Deutsche Bank treasurer, the shift away from the Libor benchmark is unprecedented. Ever since evidence emerged of ‘the Libor Scandal’ back in 2008, and particularly its role in the crisis, global regulators are eager to move away from the benchmark. Libor at a glance The London... read more

Data breaches: app security under threat

2nd August 2018

In July news broke that a person’s data on a well-known mobile payment service app could be seen publicly. In case you missed it, a researcher analysed over 200 million publicly available transactions made using the money-sharing app. Her aim was to draw attention to the amount of information that can be gathered using peer-to-peer apps.... read more

Multiple benefits of a single solution for cash and risk

31st July 2018

Company: GTreasury
On April 17, 2018, GTreasury announced that it had acquired and will merge with Visual Risk. The prospect of combining GTreasury’s cash management software with Visual Risk’s risk analytics and hedge accounting software into a single treasury and risk management solution is exciting news for the treasury systems market. ... read more

Understanding spreadsheet risk to make Excel safe for financial closure

30th July 2018

Company: ClusterSeven
Time and again, the legitimacy and value of the spreadsheet to business, and in particular to the finance department is questioned, given the numerous times spreadsheet errors have caused significant issue for organisations. But the reality is that for all its shortcomings, this humble tool remains essential for core business processes and remains... read more

7 areas in banking ripe for quantum computer disruption

27th July 2018

Company: bobsguide
Despite the hype still rife around blockchain, quantum computing threatens to undermine distribution ledger capabilities before they've even had a chance to disrupt the financial services. "And that's before we mention our quantum computing," says Jason Kelley, the IBM Global Head of Blockchain, at the very end of an... read more

Making the money work – smart IT modernization

26th July 2018

Company: Micro Focus
Driving to Digital In an era of digital transformation, not to mention a lot of economic and regulatory change, for many organizations this means unprecedented pressure to deliver new innovation to remain relevant and competitive. With studies revealing that only 5% of organizations winning at digital transformation, the ever-increasing pace and... read more

Marketplace lending: evolution and expandability

25th July 2018

Company: Profile Software
As with every trend, marketplace lending has evolved into different shapes and sizes, ranging from P2P lending platforms gaining banking licences to actually collaborating with established banks to enhance the offering of both. The regulatory environment around this is also evolving to better protect customers, providing guarantees where needed to... read more