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Event Report: London FP&A Club and Certification Launched

4th February 2013

Company: bobsguide
A new networking group and business best practice forum was launched at the prestigious City Club of London last Thursday night to support financial planning and analysis (FP&A) professionals and aid their career development, reports Neil Ainger. News about a forthcoming FP&A certification programme was also unveiled, alongside the... read more

Evolving Corporate Actions: The Drivers of Transformation

14th January 2013

Company: bobsguide
In a financial services (FS) market that is under increasing pressure to measure, monitor and report on various aspects of risk on an intra-day basis, corporate actions processing remains an anomaly. Changes to corporate actions processing and distribution – often still inconsistent and fraught with unnecessary delays, risk and cost... read more
COBIT 5: A Framework to Help Corporates Fight Fraud?

COBIT 5: A Framework to Help Corporates Fight Fraud?

20th November 2012

Company: bobsguide
The fight against fraud is a constant arms race between criminals – both internal and external – seeking to breach a financial institutions (FIs) defences and the information security professionals trying to develop authentication and protection tools in time to meet the latest threats, says Allan Boardman, international vice... read more

Sibos Interview: Yawar Shah, Chair of SWIFT, on Sibos 2012 and the future of banking

8th November 2012

Company: bobsguide
Yawar Shah, a COO at Citi, chair of SWIFT and one of the main players at the Sibos 2012 trade show organised by the collective, spoke to Tom Groenfeldt last week in Osaka, Japan, about his reactions to the show, his career and what his thinks the future holds for the banking industry. Yawar Shah is chairman of the board of directors at... read more

All good things come to an end? Sibos 2012 reflections

6th November 2012

Company: bobsguide
With its audience of more than 6,000 registrants now safely ensconced back home after last week’s Sibos 2012 trade show in Osaka, Japan, Neil Ainger reflects on some of the major themes and talking points unveiled by the daily Bobsguide show report. This summary covers everything from the absence of the Chinese banks to the first ever... read more

Sibos 2012 – Day 3 Report: Payments and news from the exhibition

31st October 2012

Company: bobsguide
The third day of the Sibos 2012 trade show in Osaka, Japan, saw a plethora of new launches and announcements from the exhibition floor, not the least of which was SunGard’s new enterprise reconciliation product for Microsoft’s Windows 8, which has itself attracted some attention from the trade floor, says Tom Groenfeldt. A payments... read more

Sibos 2012 – Day 1 Report: New CEO speaks and making technology work

29th October 2012

Company: bobsguide
The Sibos 2012 trade show started today in Osaka, Japan, with an opening plenary from the new chief executive officer (CEO) of SWIFT, Gottfried Leibbrant, recounting his first 120 days in charge and his plans for the future, says Tom Groenfeldt. A panel of bankers, consultants and technologists also addressed the key question of the role... read more

Sibos Preview Blog: How banks can fight new entrants and keep their payments place

29th October 2012

Company: bobsguide
With the Sibos 2012 trade show starting up today in Osaka, Japan, which will be covered by a daily bobsguide show blog at the end of each day, Nitin Sirohi, solution head for TCS BaNCS’ Wholesale Banking unit discusses one of the expected hot topics. He examines how banks that are challenged by new non-traditional players, from supermarket... read more

Sibos Preview Blog: The Future is the Digital Economy – Are You Ready for the ‘Innotribe’?

26th October 2012

Company: bobsguide
The growth of the digital economy offers benefits for progressive banks, consumers and businesses that are ready to make the most of the resulting efficiency and customer experience and acquisition opportunities. For those corporates that provide the security and privacy that digital natives need a world of opportunity awaits. In this article... read more

Sibos Preview Blog: Bone up on your RFP process if you want SEPA compliance benefits

25th October 2012

Company: bobsguide
With the Sibos 2012 trade show, organised by Swift due to start next week – unfortunately without a number of Chinese banks – it is probably a good idea to remind yourself of the essential elements of a good request for proposal (RFP) process. After all, says Jonathan Williams, director of product strategy at Experian, for those... read more