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Why banks need a single view of customer data to remain competitive

9th January 2018

Company: bobsguide
The siloed nature of traditional banks means they risk falling behind financial technology firms under the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), a Feedzai executive has warned.  “We will fairly rapidly see many large technology companies seeking to become financial services brands, just like large retailers have before... read more

How payment facilitators will continue to disrupt the acquiring market in 2018

8th January 2018

Square, Stripe, and PayPal have become the poster children for the new era of payment facilitation. Less than ten years ago, these technology-focused disruptors entered the market with a fiercely underestimated growth potential. After all, how could offering product solutions built for micro-merchants make a significant dent in the... read more

Can fintechs maintain their edge in an industry that won’t stop disrupting itself?

5th January 2018

Company: Oakam
The financial services industry has entered the Age of the Customer -- in this era, the singular goal is to delight. With offerings that are faster, better and cheaper, new fintech entrants have the edge over traditional institutions who struggle to keep pace with consumers’ rising expectations around service. Yet this is not the first or... read more

How the challenger bank landscape will change in 2018

2nd January 2018

Company: bobsguide
bobsguide sat down with Sarah Jackson, Director, Equiniti Credit Services to discuss what 2018 has in store for challenger banks. Does the term ‘challenger bank’ mean the same thing it did three years ago? The term has evolved. It used to mean any financial institution that wasn’t one of the high-street banks, but it... read more

Everything you want to know about blockchain, AI in banking, and PSD2 | Fintech Recap 2017

29th December 2017

Company: bobsguide
Everything you want to know about blockchain but were too afraid to ask Blockchain has created a huge amount of buzz in the financial services industry since its official debut into the market in 2009. The question of when blockchain will go mainstream is yet to be answered, but there is constant speculation around the topic. However, the... read more

Instant Payments: What can we expect in 2018?

28th December 2017

Company: Icon Solutions
2017: The year of Instant Payments Unless you’ve spent the last 365 days hiding under a rock, you’ll be fully aware that 2017 has been the year of Instant Payments. Regulators and industry bodies around the world launched more Instant Payment systems than ever before. While 2016 only saw five new systems launch, in 2017 this more... read more

bobsguide's interviews of the year: Anders La Cour, CEO of Saxo Payments Banking Circle | Fintech Recap 2017

24th December 2017

Company: bobsguide
As part of our review of the past 12 months in fintech, bobsguide is revisiting some of the standout interviews we have conducted in the past 12 months. In August bobsguide sat down with Anders La Cour, CEO of Saxo Payments, to discuss the key takeaways from the company's whitepaper Cross Border Payments for Cross Border Merchants... read more

bobsguide's interviews of the year: Scott Galit, CEO of Payoneer | Fintech Recap 2017

23rd December 2017

Company: bobsguide
As part of our review of the past 12 months in fintech bobsguide is revisiting some of the standout interviews we have conducted in the past 12 months. At Money20/20 bobsguide sat down with Scott Galit to discuss the future of e-commerce, how technology and the internet are transforming the industry and Payoneer’s initiatives of working... read more

The most significant news, events and trends of Q3: Fintech recap 2017

22nd December 2017

Company: bobsguide
For the past month we have been looking back at fintech in 2017 from every angle, in order to determine the most significant developments in the industry during that time. Previously we examined the headlines that caused most industry interest in Q1 and Q2, today we cast our minds back to our highlights of Q3. July With Money20/20 Europe... read more

US fintechs to watch in 2017: Were we right? | Fintech Recap 2017

21st December 2017

Company: bobsguide
As part of our 2017 roundup, we're looking back on predictions we made of the US startups to watch this year. Were we right?  What we thought then: The fintech sector has been growing at an exponential rate in the past few years. Global investment in the fintech industry currently stands at a staggering $49.7bn per year, with the... read more