Global Payments & Transfers Insights


The evolution of treasury management in the fintech era

6th July 2018

Company: Login S.A.
The global rise in financial regulation and international expansion of financial operations are driving treasury departments in banks to remodel and integrate their activities. This shift is mostly affecting automation and straight-through-processing (STP) in front-to-back office operations, the tools to facilitate regulatory compliance and... read more

Why the utility model is “a necessary evolutionary step” | podcast

5th July 2018

Company: bobsguide
With tectonic shifts in the global banking industry, digital SMEs are demanding greater services from regional banks. The intertwined and mutually beneficial set of circumstances that the BASIC countries find themselves in has seen an economic boom with technology and a large consumer market available to facilitate tremendous company growth. ... read more

Modernizing ACH for a real-time world | webinar

5th July 2018

NACHA and FIS sat down with bobsguide to discuss the rising need to modernise the  Automated Clearing House (ACH) network in a webinar hosted on June 28. “In 2017, ACH processed more than $46.8 trillion from 21 billion electronic financial transactions, double the GDP of the US,” said Amy Morris, director at... read more

Interview: Ripple’s chief cryptographer on bitcoin and the company's changing strategy

4th July 2018

Company: bobsguide
San Francisco-based Ripple has had meteoric success, many would argue off the back of the crypto hype but few can deny the possibilities of what the company was bringing to market: Remittance and international settlement in seconds - not hours or days. It has the correspondent banking world looking on in interest. Directors and treasurers from... read more

A new universe of payments is on the rise

4th July 2018

The growing demand for corporate value-added services, rising customer expectations, and a dynamic global regulatory landscape coupled with structural changes in the financial industry and the increase of multiple payments-enabling technologies are contributing to the demand for the emergence of a new payment universe. To master the growing... read more

How Currencies Direct uses Ripple to navigate the FX market

2nd July 2018

Company: bobsguide
Earlier this month Currencies Direct announced the “resounding success” of using xRapid (commonly known as XRP) to make near immediate payments, serving as a proof of concept that spells greater collaboration between the international money transfer company and Ripple, as Ripple expands its use case to navigating the FX market. It... read more

When can we expect PCI for Open Banking?

29th June 2018

Company: SmartDebit
Open Banking is now here in the UK, although not yet completely supported by all high-street banks. As new companies and services are created, we will soon be able to do ever more with our bank details, from account aggregation apps to creating new kinds of payment rules. Not only does this mean a change in what can be done directly from our... read more

Chinese cross-border fintechs "racing to build networks"

28th June 2018

Company: bobsguide
As Trump threatens a trade war with Beijing, companies around the world are all the more concerned with how they get money in and out of China. “There’s that joke that Americans owe the Chinese lots of money,” says Raymond Qu, CEO of Chinese cross border payments company Geoswift, “but I like to combine that with the... read more

Is disintermediation coming? A video case study into the emerging utility model

21st June 2018

Company: bobsguide
Regulation, compliance and legacy systems have, for so long, been the stumbling blocks for financial institutions to capitalise on the new digital age where there are few barriers to international trade. Cross border payments, clearly essential when trading internationally, go to the heart of the conundrum currently facing tier two and three... read more

What’s holding UK and EU payments back?

19th June 2018

Company: Viva Wallet
Despite Brexit uncertainty, the average UK SME made international payments of £48,000 in Q1 of 2018, up 5% year on year and the second highest amount recorded in over two years. It would seem that efficient payments in a range of different currencies are more crucial than ever, and UK businesses need to keep up. Complex, fragmented... read more