Global Payments & Transfers Insights


Overcoming the challenges of cross-border trade

25th September 2017

Company: PayU
Cross-border trade represents one of the biggest business opportunities available to merchants from around the globe. Recent estimates have the cross-border market growing from $401bn in 2016 to $994 billion in 2020. Nearly two-thirds of cross-border business will come from high growth markets such as Asia and Latin America. Yet, with this... read more

How HSBC is using AI in its anti-money laundering compliance

21st September 2017

Company: bobsguide
Gurjeet Singh, co-founder and Executive Chairman of Ayasdi, spoke to bobsguide about the challenges of compliance with anti-money laundering, the characteristics of AI, and how AI is vastly improving false positive rates on suspicious security reports. How did you find your way to Ayasdi? I did my graduate work in computational mathematics... read more

PSD2 and the payments ecosystem metamorphosis: How banks can save the banks

19th September 2017

Company: TAS Group
With the activation of PSD2 regulation beginning in January 2018 for all EU countries, third parties will get access to financial data of banking customers under the condition that those customers gave their explicit consent.  While this new legislation will open up the payment space for new Third Party Providers (TPPs) such as Payment... read more

The rise of goAML reporting and the impact of data quality

18th September 2017

As of June 2017, all reporting entities in Ireland are required to submit their regulatory reports, such as suspicious transaction reports (STRs), electronically to the Irish Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) using the goAML portal. This is part of a global trend where regulators are standardizing reporting platforms, and represents a significant... read more

4th EU AML Directive: What you should know

14th September 2017

Company: Trapets AB
The EU’s 4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (4th EU AML Directive) was enacted on 25 June 2015, and fully implemented on the 26 June 2017, replacing the third Anti-Money Laundering Directive. As well as a greater emphasis on risk assessments to combat money laundering (AML) and terrorist financing (CTF) at every level, the Directive... read more

What will the next decade of contactless payments look like?

14th September 2017

Company: bobsguide
Contactless payments have become increasingly common in the UK. Today, six in ten Brits pay with touch and go. What started off as alternative payment method capped at £20 per transaction, has now become an increasingly common way to pay.   And experts believe that the momentum won’t slow now. The speed and convenience quickly... read more

Fintech is still booming in India despite general economic downturn

13th September 2017

Company: bobsguide
India’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth failed to meet expectation as it slumped to 5.7% during Q2 this year, government data reported late last month. This compares to Q1 growth figures of 6.1% this year and 7.9% for Q2 last year. Many analysts expected GDP figures to rise following the government’s crackdown on black... read more

Why challenger banks should look to payments to escape a saturated marketplace

12th September 2017

Company: EQ Global
Concern is rising among the UK’s challenger banks in light of an increasingly crowded market which, coupled with a sizeable squeeze on revenue margins, is inhibiting the desired move into the retail banking sector. With recent data from the Bank of England highlighting consumer credit at a rate which is close to the peak of the financial... read more

The rise of contactless payments in the UK

8th September 2017

Company: bobsguide
The Guardian recently reported that contactless payments have taken debit and credit card use in the UK to an all-time high. UK Finance stated that almost 1.4 billion card payments were made during June 2017. In 2016, there was a total of 164 million payments card, of which, 100 million were debit cards and 59 million credits card. Over the last... read more