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Enterprise data management and data governance: Two sides of the same coin?

13th June 2017

There is no doubt that data governance is rising up the agenda at many financial institutions, driven both from an increasing regulatory focus on good data as well as a firm’s internal focus on improving data quality and applying ‘fit for purpose’ data to the key business processes. Data governance itself describes the overall... read more

Accelerating payment solutions with in-memory computing

13th June 2017

Company: GridGain Systems
The shift to digital payments is taking place in many forms: bitcoins, mobile wallets, “tap and go” payment transactions, peer-to-peer money-transfer apps and more. Worldwide, the mobile payments market alone has grown from $235 billion in 2013 to a projected value of almost $800 billion in 2017 and over a trillion dollars by 2019. ... read more

INDATA President: How regulations like MIFID II drives innovation in asset management

7th June 2017

Company: bobsguide
INDATA is a leading industry provider of software, technology and services for buy-side firms. The company’s portfolio includes asset managers and boutique investment firms, varying in assets under management  from $1bn to over $100bn across a variety of asset classes. bobsguide sat down with Dave Csiki to discuss the asset management... read more

Editor's picks: Developments in SaaS

2nd June 2017

Company: bobsguide
1. The network effect of collateral management Karl Wyborn, MD, Global Head of Sales, CloudMargin As we have already witnessed, 2017 has and will continue to bring fundamental changes to regulations, challenging even the most robust operational teams across the industry who are asked to do more with less, on ever shorter deadlines. We... read more

60-second survey: What piece of regulation is keeping most financial professionals up at night?

31st May 2017

Company: bobsguide
Here at bobsguide, we aim to keep you informed with the most important developments in finance and financial technology, and there is one particular theme that we find ourselves reporting on particularly often – how to deal with regulation changes. So that we can bring you the most relevant insights and analysis about regulation and... read more

Empowering fintech with in-memory computing

23rd May 2017

Company: GridGain Systems
To compete and innovate in a global, technology-driven economy, banks and financial institutions must make unprecedented amounts of data available for analysis and process billions of transactions in real and near real-time. To achieve this, many institutions are adopting cloud-based applications and outsourcing some of their data processing and... read more

Are intelligent contracts the ‘smarter’ way to work?

18th May 2017

Company: Seal Software
Technology is an incredibly fast-paced environment which continuously presents new opportunities to combine methods and technology on an almost daily basis. One such combination is Narrow Artificial Intelligence for contract detection and extraction of information held within physical contracts. This is brought together with ‘smart... read more

The importance of warehousing your research data

15th May 2017

Company: Quintessence
Many investment analysts store their research data in Excel® When analysts and portfolio managers store their research data in Excel®, they often create inter-dependencies between these and other spreadsheets used in the research process. This leads to duplication and unwanted complexity. When the data in a spreadsheet is out of date or... read more

Editor's picks: Developments in cybersecurity

12th May 2017

Company: bobsguide
1. Why the human factor must be taken out of the authentication process       Jeff Carpenter, Vertical Market Director, Crossmatch Today’s need for smarter cybersecurity in financial services is a self-evident one. As corporations embrace the digital age, increasing volumes of valuable data are stored online,... read more

The big pay-off of advanced analytics in banking

2nd May 2017

Company: bobsguide
Why should my bank start making data-driven decisions?  It’s a common question many bank executives are asking as they see the competition leveraging customer data to improve service, better segment, mitigate risk, enhance marketing messages, and drive new business opportunities. Banks are sitting on mountains of customer data that... read more