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Analysing financial data: Best practices for banks

7th August 2017

Company: Quantrix
It is widely accepted that banking is one of the most data driven industries out there and online banking and electronic trading produces millions of data points every day. Regulatory requirements are challenging banks more and more to capture, store, and analyse data over multiple years, departments and regions… a true... read more

Blockchain explained: Four benefits for businesses

2nd August 2017

In 2009, a little-known currency entered the market. If you had bought one thousand of them at this time, you would have had to hunt around for about £4.16 of change in your sofa. Purchase one thousand today, and your credit card will take a hit of over £2m. This phenomenon? Bitcoin. Bitcoin has become the buzzword of 2017, alongside... read more

Embracing biometrics to prepare for GDPR

2nd August 2017

Protecting customer’s data privacy is critical for organisations of all sizes and in all industries – but even more so when and where it’s mandated by law. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is approaching quickly; with the deadline less than a year away, it’s time to think about what complying looks like. ... read more

Editor's pick: Fintech and GDPR

28th July 2017

Company: bobsguide
bob’s guide to treasury management systems: How financial professionals can prepare for GDPR Leonie Mercedes - Reporter, bobsguide The penalties for non-compliance of GDPR are high: any breaches incur a maximum penalty of 4% of the organisation’s global annual turnover, or €20m, whichever is more. But many studies... read more

In-memory Computing: Boosting the performance of financial services IoT projects

26th July 2017

Company: GridGain Systems
Few would doubt that the Internet of Things (IoT) will disrupt everything we know about data transaction processing and analytics. According to Gartner, by 2020, 26 billion IoT devices will be creating data that will be communicated over the Internet for analysis – often in real time. And that figure doesn’t even include computers and... read more

Editor's picks: The development of omnichannel banking

21st July 2017

Company: bobsguide
Redefining the banking experience through omnichannel Polys Hadjikyriacos, CBDO, NETinfo PLC It is an irreversible global trend that people’ lifestyles are increasingly dominated by digital channels. Across the entire spectrum of everyday services, from social, to professional, to consumer, banks are making the conscious decision... read more

Is PSD2 the most significant banking industry shake-up ever? Pt. 2

7th July 2017

Company: bobsguide
Patrick Tans, Senior General Manager, Banking Products, at KBC Bank was a panellist at The European Payment Summit 2017, and stated that banks were facing the biggest upheaval to their industry for over 600 years. But how does the industry feel about the shift in regulation? We spoke to senior figures from across banks and fintechs, as well... read more

Why passwords must be replaced as the core of the user authentication process

21st June 2017

Company: Crossmatch
The volume of system end points continues to multiply as digitisation overhauls financial services’ processes. Increasing volumes of data, coupled with a growing need for more users to have access to data without time or location restrictions, has forced firms to rethink their authentication services.  Increased end points and more... read more

Market data usage: Taking control with a strategic approach to sourcing

20th June 2017

Company: AIM Software
With ever-changing commercial models and more stringent licensing agreements, market and reference data costs and usage compliance are big focus areas for most financial institutions. However, while keeping costs down is a priority, getting data usage under control can prove a significant challenge. All capital market participants depend on... read more

Editor's picks: Developments in PSD2

16th June 2017

Company: bobsguide
1. How should banks be reacting to PSD2? Leonie Mercedes, Reporter, bobsguide With six months to go until the directive comes into force, it is time for banks to start asking themselves some serious questions, says Leonie Mercedes. The countdown has started. At the time of publication, it’ll be just over six months before... read more