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LCR and NSFR simulation: A core component of a holistic liquidity risk management approach

23rd October 2017

Company: zeb
Bernhard Kretschmar Senior Manager, zeb Frankfurt & Sebastian Lesslhumer Manager, zeb Vienna “Liquidity is crucial to the ongoing viability of any banking organisation”.  This statement was made by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) in 2006. During the financial crisis, it... read more

Six Shortcomings of blockchain: Answering the skeptics

19th October 2017

Company: Northern Trust
The blockchain naysayers are coming out in full force. “A solution looking for a problem,” “Too complicated,” “A ‘Trojan Horse’ sent by Radical Libertarians to Undermine the Global Financial System.” And those complaints are from just a single Forbes article. As someone who spent the better part of... read more

Sibos 2017: How blockchain may transform capital markets

18th October 2017

Company: bobsguide
In one of the most eagerly received announcements of Sibos 2017 so far, today Broadridge Financial Solutions revealed the successful completion of an operational test case which demonstrates the capabilities of blockchain technology to enhance the operational efficiency and auditability of bilateral repurchase agreements. The pilot was conducted... read more

Three months until MiFID II: Key issues for investment firms

16th October 2017

Company: DTracks Limited
The sheer breadth and complexity of MiFID II is astounding and that is why many investment firms throughout the EU are finding navigating through the MiFID II maze a significant challenge. For instance, MiFID II not only covers more widely applicable areas such as trade reporting and transaction reporting, but it also covers more complex areas such... read more

European money market reform – The U.S. feels your pain

16th October 2017

Company: Confluence
Roughly seven years ago, the introduction of Form N-MFP in the U.S. ushered in the era of systemic risk regulatory filing. During the economic crisis, regulators needed a way to quickly determine the market exposure from asset management portfolios so that they could use that information to determine the economic impact of major events like... read more

Developing a relief at source gold standard

13th October 2017

Company: GlobeTax
As Greek mythology tells it, King Midas was granted one wish: to have everything he touched turn to gold. Although the results were mixed – gold looks better than it tastes, it seems – the metal’s allure nonetheless pervades to this day. Gold remains shorthand to represent the highest ideal of excellence, not to mention the... read more

Owning the fintech innovation roadmap: Broadridge global CMO Deborah Bussiere interview

10th October 2017

Company: bobsguide
bobsguide sat down with Deborah Bussiere, global chief marketing officer of Broadridge Financial Solutions, to discuss the unique challenges of marketing a large fintech, whilst she also lets us in on her ‘secret recipe’ to marketing success. How did you come to work for Broadridge? I spent my first 15 years on Wall Street,... read more

The must have 2015 CFI Code for MiFID II

9th October 2017

Not just here and now, but now and then Reg data transformation and history Here and now… EMIR reporting for listed derivatives required the use of the ISO standard Classification of Financial Instruments or CFI code and following its 2015 update under ISO 10962, its use is further mandated under CSDR (European Central Securities... read more

Cloud native, deployment-model transformation in financial services

4th October 2017

The consumerisation of IT has arrived and is having a deep and dramatic effect on our everyday lives. In fact, whether we realise it or not, digitalisation has seeped into our subconscious to the point that it has altered digital interactions as well as assumptions of what is expected. We expect a seamless client experience, which translates... read more

Broadridge President Eric Bernstein interview: The future of Asset Management Pt.2

28th September 2017

Company: bobsguide
Part one of our interview with Eric Bernstein is available to read here Earlier this year Broadridge appointed former Wall Street trader and fintech pioneer Eric Bernstein to the position of President of its asset management solutions division. In an exclusive interview with bobsguide, Eric discusses his take on the... read more