Asset Management Systems Insights


How MiFID II became political

19th June 2017

In March 2017, Vela hosted an executive roundtable in London on the cross-asset challenges of MiFID II. In the this event report, we discuss how buy-side, sell-side, and market operator attendees were all keenly aware that large political and secular decisions could have a considerable effect on the impact that MiFID II will have upon their... read more

An asset manager’s human capital and technology strategy: Key factors to consider

16th June 2017

Company: Hedgeguard
With the increase in regulations and costs within the asset management industry, the alignment between Front and Middle Office functions has been a key focus point for managers. This increased regulatory burden has also led to a formalisation of responsibilities within the middle office. As the complexity of products grows with the proliferation of... read more

INDATA President: How regulations like MIFID II drives innovation in asset management

7th June 2017

Company: bobsguide
INDATA is a leading industry provider of software, technology and services for buy-side firms. The company’s portfolio includes asset managers and boutique investment firms, varying in assets under management  from $1bn to over $100bn across a variety of asset classes. bobsguide sat down with Dave Csiki to discuss the asset management... read more

The race to robo-advisory 2.0 will be won by means of hybrid advisory

31st May 2017

Company: Objectway
Just a year ago, Alberto Cuccu, Chief Client Solution Officer at Objectway, wrote a post, Robo-advisors Are Disruptive, but Hybrid Is Much More: It’s Transformational, citing research by Gartner. Our vision on the topic was (and still is) that roboadvisory has a role, but not as relevant as hybrid advisory. A year has gone by and... read more

Empowering fintech with in-memory computing

23rd May 2017

Company: GridGain Systems
To compete and innovate in a global, technology-driven economy, banks and financial institutions must make unprecedented amounts of data available for analysis and process billions of transactions in real and near real-time. To achieve this, many institutions are adopting cloud-based applications and outsourcing some of their data processing and... read more

Integrated technology: Unlocking operational alpha

22nd May 2017

Company: SimCorp
Although many firms may not realise the direct link between efficient operations and portfolio growth, the relationship and opportunity is clear. An integrated platform based on a single source of truth, or an Investment Book of Record (IBOR), provides a timely, accurate and transparent view, into what the firm owns, what it is worth, and its... read more

Are intelligent contracts the ‘smarter’ way to work?

18th May 2017

Company: Seal Software
Technology is an incredibly fast-paced environment which continuously presents new opportunities to combine methods and technology on an almost daily basis. One such combination is Narrow Artificial Intelligence for contract detection and extraction of information held within physical contracts. This is brought together with ‘smart... read more

Regtech is not about competition, it’s about collaboration

18th May 2017

Company: Waymark Tech
Many banks I talk to see regtech purely as a way to beat their competitors. This is the opportunity sold to them by management consultants; advisors who trot out the line that regtech can “transform compliance into a competitive advantage”. In other words, regtech can help banks, and other regulated institutions, bash their... read more

How the ETF landscape is evolving, and how to capitalize on it

9th May 2017

Company: Itiviti
In recent years, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have seen phenomenal activity and growth. Regulation, product innovation and investor appetite have driven global Assets under management (AUM) to record levels, while also fueling increasing market structure complexity and straining trading platform capabilities across the board. Itiviti, in... read more

Developing ecosystems to improve communication and facilitate liquidity

8th May 2017

Company: IPC
Over the last year or so, we have seen a shift in the way different asset classes’ trade. As banks become more heavily regulated – and with MiFID II now less than a year away – there is an evident lack of liquidity limiting banks in making markets and providing liquidity particularly in the fixed income asset class. As a result,... read more