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The Rise and Rise of Loan Origination Funds

13th November 2015

Overview The growth of non-bank lending continues to proliferate. This has been given a boost in the aftermath of the financial crisis when many banks, stung by poorly performing loans, scaled back their lending to small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs).  This has provided an opening for non-bank financials, ranging from fund managers... read more

The start-ups challenging banks

11th November 2015

Company: bobsguide
In the current financial landscape banks are facing challenges from new entrants that are providing the same or similar services to them, without the regulatory and legacy system obstacles that come with being a traditional bank. A few weeks ago bobsguide reported on the new digital banks that are challenging traditional banks by providing the... read more

Marketplace lending: the next big thing?

6th November 2015

Company: bobsguide
Marketplace lending is one of the fastest growing areas in fintech and is tipped to be the next big thing. Over the last eighteen months growth in marketplace lending, which according to reports is the new buzz word for peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, has risen significantly with Morgan Stanley predicting that marketplace lending will reach $290... read more

Avant closes $325 Million Series E Funding Round

5th November 2015

Company: bobsguide
Avant is the latest marketplace lending platform to raise substantial equity from an array of leading investors. Avant announced this week that it has closed a $325 million Series E equity finance round led by global growth equity firm General Atlantic, with participation from J.P. Morgan, Balyasny Asset Management and existing investors Tiger... read more

FinTech Innovation Awards: Just four weeks left to enter!

4th November 2015

Company: bobsguide
Just four weeks remain to submit your entry to the 2016 FinTech Innovation Awards, where we’ll be celebrating the year’s most innovative and exciting FinTech initiatives. Entering is free and easy - simply visit the entries section of the Awards website and let our system guide you through the process. As an account holder... read more

Think regional, buy global

3rd November 2015

Recently, I have witnessed a trend towards the globalisation of client reporting system procurement, where asset managers select one vendor then utilise that platform in different regions around the world. The purchase of such an enterprise software solution stems from organisations taking a look at their regional needs and seeking to centralise... read more

Will Aberdeen Asset Management be sold?

2nd November 2015

Company: bobsguide
There were many speculative reports released last week surrounding whether or not investment management company Aberdeen Asset Management will be sold. This is due to increased share price and the emerging market infrastructure being in turmoil recently after events in the Chinese economy. The Telegraph reveals that there may be a sense of... read more

What to expect when you’re expecting ESMA

24th September 2015

Company: RSRCHXchange
As we eagerly await  the final verdict on unbundling under MiFID II, here is a list of 10 things we can expect for research while we’re expecting ESMA’s much-anticipated release. 1. January 2017 is here to stay The delay of the final text from the original June deadline, was the subject of much attention earlier this summer.... read more

Why FinTech 2.0 is so different from the dotcom boom (and bust) – a secular shift in the personal investment paradigm

17th September 2015

Company: bobsguide
I was a leading provider of both data content and product design consulting into a range of companies in the dotcom boom years of the late 1990s. I was able to see first-hand how the companies operated, how differentiated their products were and how sustainable their business models were. Today, I work alongside the CEOs of their successors. Their... read more

The price of success

7th September 2015

It was interesting to read Citisoft’s recent blog concerning the need for fair and equitable prices between investment management firms and software vendors. Steve Young’s description of how an asset management firm executive ‘had pushed the vendor to the lowest point he believed they would get to, and that he thought that they... read more