Asset Management Systems Insights


The evolving demands on financial services firms: Is your technology infrastructure ready?

26th September 2017

Company: GridGain Systems
No other industry has been impacted by evolving technology more than financial services. Mobile banking, 24-hour trading, and the dramatic rise in the total amount of data that needs to be processed have put tremendous pressure on system performance and scale. Meanwhile, evolving regulations, the expanding scope of financial fraud and the continued... read more

To buy or to build? Why underestimating the value of vendors may have long term effects

25th September 2017

Company: SimCorp
The age-old debate of buy vs build passionately divides many in the asset management industry. There is, and always will be, a time and a place for both. But in today’s fast paced global market, the case for innovative and security managed investment technology solutions is becoming even more compelling. This is often the case with front... read more

How the cloud offers solutions to MiFID II compliance

22nd September 2017

Company: Hedgd
MiFID II does not require an Order Management System (OMS) to be present within an organisation and it is possible to meet the regulation without one. However the ability to comply can be made simpler by having an OMS within the workflow. The Order Management System is an application that has existed in the hedge fund and asset management... read more

How to choose your new Portfolio Management System

19th September 2017

Company: Hedgeguard
Scaling up. Unlocking “operational alpha”. Building an institutional investor and regulator proof infrastructure. These are all key considerations at the forefront of fund managers’ agendas. New technology has allowed funds to achieve increased operational efficiencies which have fed into front office performance. The Portfolio... read more

MiFID II: Six significant changes for Client Lifecycle Management

13th September 2017

Company: Fenergo
The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (“MiFID II”) aims to improve current European legislation by introducing further transparency into financial markets and extending increased protection to investors. The incoming directive will add increased complexity to the Client Lifecycle Management process for banks within the EU,... read more

Scaling private equity investment systems

12th September 2017

The Private Equity (PE) sector is enjoying strong growth and experiencing significant change, against a backdrop of a continued search for allocations outside the public equity markets, and a greater confidence in the PE asset class provided by regulatory and sector governance. The Asset Servicing industry is a critical component of Private... read more

MiFID II countdown: FCA clarity is still needed before implementation

11th September 2017

Company: Citisoft
While relaxing on a sun lounger in the heat-haze of a distant shore, it is perhaps easy to forget that back in the UK, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has recently published its final policy statement to assist with MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) implementation. Just as the holiday season was about to kick in may not... read more

Leveraging data to streamline and optimise implementations

6th September 2017

You can’t manage that which you can’t measure is a business maxim that has only become more true as data has become increasingly available to track and benchmark business processes. While there has been a concerted effort throughout financial services to leverage operational metrics available through next-generation data management... read more

The benefits of upgraded Investment Book of Record technology

4th September 2017

Company: Hedgeguard
Traditional IT architecture involves segregated front-office and operational systems. Furthermore these systems can be specific to individual asset classes; equities, fixed income, derivatives and structured products. Products are increasing in complexity, and tighter regulations are requiring portfolio managers to take a consolidated view of their... read more