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Client communication best practice for asset management firms

16th November 2017

Company: FundCount
Planned or unplanned. Formalised or ad hoc, every business communicates with clients in some way. For years, asset management firms routinely churned out cookie-cutter accounting and investment reports and other communications to stakeholders. Little thought was given to the format, frequency, accessibility, delivery medium or other individual... read more

Bob’s Guide To… asset management systems: Our survey revealed

15th November 2017

Company: bobsguide
The latest survey in the Bob’s Guide To… series has been published today, and this time we want to know your opinions of the current asset management solutions market. For this survey we would like to ask all asset management professionals, vendors, and consultants from the bobsguide audience to complete the survey below, which will... read more

Are disruptive technologies a distraction to addressing the burden of legacy technology?

15th November 2017

Company: SimCorp
Market conditions have been less than kind to the asset management industry. Mounting regulatory pressures, the fee squeeze and a continuing low interest rate market have pushed firms to define themselves by their competitive edge. Agility is becoming an increasingly crucial goal for firms, whether it is being able to get new investment vehicles... read more

Derivatives: Turning risks into opportunities

14th November 2017

Company: Objectway
Derivatives are financial instruments that are often considered complex and much specialised. Derivatives enable full or partial protection against downside losses by creating short position that can cover unpredictable events. While investing in derivatives can be used for hedging, using them to invest in underweighted segments can also... read more

Implementation challenges remain for PSD2

13th November 2017

Company: DTracks Limited
MiFID II fixes a number of issues with the original legislation to improve robustness in the soundness of financial systems across member states. It is due to come into effect very soon and organisations have until just 3 January 2018 to get themselves ready for compliance with the directive. MiFID II addresses far more than equity, which was... read more

Declining "globalisation": Reshoring, localisation and today’s politics

13th November 2017

Company: Confluence
Revenue growth projections for offshoring software services and business-process outsourcing (BPO) activities are deteriorating – across the globe. 2017 sales projections for the big players have been reduced multiple times. Industry analysts are downgrading their projections as offshoring firms are continuously battered with increasing... read more

Aiis to the Right: Down but not out after MiFID II

7th November 2017

Reg data transformation and history Down… Despite the majority of the industry’s practitioners’ opinion that the proven Aii is being replaced with the somewhat inferior ISIN symbology, MIFID II regulations have mandated ISIN use for all markets, including those existing that use the Alternative Instrument Identifier... read more

MiFID II: Achieving a comprehensive and compliant dataset

6th November 2017

Company: Asset Control
In just a matter of months, firms must be MiFID II compliant. Yet, despite the impending deadline, the data keeps changing. While understanding of the requirements is one thing, can organisations be confident in their current ability to create a master data repository that can support the new regulatory reporting standards? Putting understanding... read more

Are fintech’s latest buzzwords up to the task of solving MiFID II?

2nd November 2017

Company: bobsguide
Quentin Limouzi, Chief Revenue Officer for TS, an electronic trading solution provider, speaks to bobsguide about the current trading market, challenges arising from MiFID II and finding the signal through the noise when it comes to fintech’s buzzwords. How did you come to TS?  I joined TS in 2002 as an intern in London when... read more