Executive MBA in 6 Months!

13 February 2015

Bluewater Academic Institute’s Executive Maestro Business Artisan©™ (EMBA©™) Postgraduate Qualification Programme

This is probably the most innovative, exhilarating, and mind-provoking EMBA©™ programme you have ever come across to gain a highly prized and prestigious postgraduate professional qualification. After development and successful application of highly effective, dynamic and exciting learning methods, you will reap extraordinary benefits.
Priced at about one fifth to half of the cost of other less successful MBA programmes, we will do for you what you thought is impossible.

The impossible dream is now possible!
100% success’ rate - guaranteed!
No failure - guaranteed!

With other colleges and universities, before and after you enrol, and during the course itself, you do not know if after spending thousands of dollars and many months of effort, you will actually pass the exams and receive your degree or diploma.
But not with us – we guarantee your success, on condition you follow our instruction carefully and diligently! This is not too much to ask and you will thank us for this.

So, how can we give you such a guarantee? When we were created and gradually matured, we went to school and then we studied more and more…

But nobody, our teachers or parents, taught us how to use our brain to learn fast and more effectively and retain much of what we learnt. This is the missing link, which causes us to learn slowly, remember less and perform well below our potential.
We keep hearing about the brain, how powerful it is, how little of it we use etc., however, nobody teaches us how to exploit its vast potential to our benefit.

But no more! We step in and teach you how to exploit your brain faster, deeper and wider.
In this exclusive, incredible, extremely useful and practical EMBA©™ programme, you will learn how to read and study up to 5 times faster and retain much more of the knowledge that you have acquired thanks to these remarkable proven techniques:
1. Accelerated Reading Method©™ (ARM©™)
2. Accelerated Learning Method©™ (ALM©™)
3. Cognitive-Synergy Meditation©™ (C-SM©™)

In 6 months part-time, we will teach you more than what you might learn in 2-3 years part time with other colleges or universities, who do NOT guarantee your success, whereas we DO!
A certain American university charges for its online MBA approximately 55,000 USD, WITHOUT seeing your tutor or mentor face to face.

In contrast, we charge less than one fifth and you WILL see your personal coach and mentor twice in 6 months, face to face. How is this possible? How do the two options compare? We frankly believe there is NO contest. Once you have experienced our exciting, dynamic, proven, successful, and result-oriented teaching methods, you will never be the same!

Whether you are a delegate-candidate, a training company or a professional organisation, we have a great offer for you to participate in this one and only programme of its kind in the world.

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