Aegisoft Provides Access to Foreign Exchange Liquidity from Major Banks

New York, NY - 24 June 2009

Aegisoft, is pleased to report that its real-time market aggregation and algorithmic trading platform, AthenaFX, now provides connectivity to foreign exchange liquidity from the world’s largest financial institutions including Barclays, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, HSBC , Morgan Stanley and UBS.

Most banks maintain FX trading via the FIX Protocol Specification, in support of both executable streaming prices and the Request for Quote trading model. When streaming prices, dealable updates are continually sent, while the RFQ model will transmit quote updates until the client trades or the time-to-live timer expires. Banks are an important source of liquidity, trading in dozens of currencies and in hundreds of pairs, up to two or three years forward.

"In today's rapidly moving and fragmented FX market, traders need a fast and easy way to access multiple liquidity venues in order to establish the right price and depth. Our customers gain a holistic view of the market - either aggregated or by venue, by price or by quantity breakpoint - enabling them to deploy FX trading strategies that span liquidity pools and quickly capitalize on real-time market opportunities," said Norm Friedman, Vice President at Aegisoft. “Users of AthenaFX benefit from sharper pricing, lower latency and better execution on every trade, all with just a single click on an aggregated book”, Friedman added.

"Professional users are placing increased importance on technology that delivers a single point of access to market liquidity, combined with a common trading record. By delivering efficiency gains, this technology enables users to retain more trading value," said Justyn Trenner, CEO & Principal, ClientKnowledge.

From customizable trading “personalities” to stealth algorithms that arbitrage across multiple venues, AthenaFX provides unique functions for access to the entire FX marketplace. Banks, brokers and buy-side institutions are drawn to AthenaFX for its easy-to-use aggregated interface, algorithmic capability and its demonstrated speed and stability.

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