22 June 2018 - 22 June 2018
22 June 2018
Marc Kempf

Friday, June 22nd 2018, 11:00-12:00 a.m. (CET)

We are happy to offer the webinar "IFRS 17: Current status, implementation challenges and solution approaches with zeb.control". Only 18 months left, until the comparison period for IFRS 17 starts. zeb is giving you an overview of selected current challenges relating to the implementation of IFRS 17 for insurance companies. These challenges will be discussed along with the presentation of practical implementation examples and corresponding solution approaches:

  • • Developing Best-Practices for implementing the new IFRS 17 measurement approaches (BBA, PAA or VFA) for insurance and outward reinsurance contracts.
  • Consideration of IFRS 17 portfolio and insurance contract group definition to determine unit account (gross, outwards reinsurance).
  • • Determination of earnings pattern and claims development patterns, usually allocation of cashflows to unit of account.
  • • Setting up risk adjustment calculation under IFRS 17 – how much can we use from Solvency II?
  • • Significantly increased requirements regarding data retention and processing in actuarial services and accounting not exclusively in fast close environments – a greater degree of cooperation between the accounting, actuarial and IT departments will be one important success factor of the implementation.
  • • Typically, mass data processing in actuarial services and accounting is required - subledger functionalities and simulation/planning functionalities are needed.
  • High level of automation and process efficiency is indispensable.
  • • Integration of new modules and components into existing software architectures.

    zeb provides a comprehensive overview of the topic and shares best-practice-approaches from several reference projects with you. In doing so we present the approaches with the zeb control accounting solution, which has been proven in several projects or prestudies.

    You have the opportunity to join the webinar from your office or home online, so you can directly raise questions and exchange with other participants.