17th Annual Liquidity Management

14 March 2018 - 16 March 2018
14 March 2018 - 16 March 2018
Central London
Constandinos Vinall

This marcus evans event will enlighten banks on the latest surrounding the NSFR as well as the business implications of the Basel liquidity ratios. Banks will also gain insight into the best practises of managing liquidity under current market changes and the impact that other regulations such as IRRBB will have on liquidity management. They will also discover how to fully incorporate liquidity costs into FTP frameworks and report liquidity ratios to regulators.

Since the financial crisis, liquidity management has been a big concern for CEOs in the banking industry and today remains on the top of the agenda. At the centre of liquidity management are the Basel liquidity ratios, in particular the NSFR, which is a cause for concern with its frequently moving goalpost. Considering the Basel liquidity rules are still developing, banks are not even close to understanding the real-time effects the ratios will have on the business and presenting further difficulty is the current economic climate. With negative interest rates and Brexit, the market is in a current state of flux and banks must ensure they are managing their liquidity more effectively than ever to maintain a stable liquidity position.