Editorial guidelines

We welcome article submissions from registered technology vendors

Whilst the majority of the articles published on bobsguide are researched and written by our editorial team, we are always interested in further insight from our vendors, intelligence on best practice in a particular niche, or useful tips that can be shared with our community.

The following guidelines should help you understand the sort of articles that work best on bobsguide:

Raise awareness

While we don't advise overt self-promotion, submitting a guest articles does certainly allow you to show our audience of B2B fintech buyers how clever you are, and showcase the amazing work you've done.

Content should be of topical interest to our members e.g. analysis of system implementation experiences, challenges and suggested solutions, regulatory impacts, changes and developments in B2B financial technology etc.

We provide a space for you to share client wins through our company announcements service.

Share ideas

Writing articles on bobsguide is a great way to start a conversation around an idea you may have, a theory you want to test, or an approach you've been thinking about. Start a debate with our community...


You shouldn't submit articles just for links, but we're happy for contributors to add links to their own site and social media profiles. We give all authors a signature - a 100-word bio with links to your website and social profiles (but no sketchy anchor text: all signatures follow the same format, and we editorially control them).

Tips for guest articles

Don't do it for the links

Achieving links from guest articles on bobsguide should not be the primary reason to write. If you are just doing it for links, this will be obvious to anyone reading it. If it even gets published.

Update your company profile

Every registered vendor has a company profile on bobsguide, which we link to from your article to provide our readers more information on your company and products. Make sure your company profile is accurate and up-to-date so that interested readers in your articles can learn more about your and potentially get in touch.


The greater the commitment you can offer the more you will get out of your contribution to bobsguide. While we appreciate that there are probably many calls on your time, you will drive better value from the site if you post regularly and build up a readership.


Articles should be written specifically for our audience; therefore, we strictly enforce exclusivity on all articles. If you would like to re-publish articles after posting on bobsguide, the content must carry the caveat 'first published on bobsguide.com'.

Think about the formatting

Articles should be accessible to readers, especially if they're relatively long. Short, punchy sentences and paragraphs, subheadings, bullet points, illustrative images and graphics all makes an article easier on the eye.

If an article is well-formatted, people are more likely to read it.

Avoid self-promotion

bobsguide's audience expects intelligence, insight and thought leadership. To ensure your work gets published you should be writing informative articles that share useful knowledge for free. Overt attempts to promote products and services will be quashed. Use your data and insight to reveal interesting trends. Use case-studies to inspire. Use your experience to distil best practice advice.

People will remember you that way.

Read our content, subscribe to our newsletter

The more familiar you are with bobsguide, and the kinds of content we publish, the better instinct you will have for sorts of articles that will resonate with our community. This also means you might identify gaps in our coverage, which your business could fill.


bobsguide reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to edit articles for reasons including, but not limited to, style, accuracy, length, and legal compliance. This editing may include the addition of new copy such as headlines, sub-headings, captions and pull-quotes. By submitting content to bobsguide you are assigning all rights to bobsguide to publish the content in any medium, any language and any territory, providing you are identified as the author of that content.

You accept full responsibility for any errors or omissions in your content and you understand that bobsguide will accept no liability, legal or otherwise, on your behalf. bobsguide cannot guarantee a specific date or time of publication. Articles are submitted on the basis that they are available for immediate publication.

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