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Is disintermediation coming? A video case study into the emerging utility model

21st June 2018

Regulation, compliance and legacy systems have, for so long, been the stumbling blocks for financial institutions to capitalise on the new digital age where there are few barriers to international trade. Cross border payments, clearly essential when trading internationally, go to the heart of the conundrum currently facing tier two and three...
Rise in cryptos leads bid to tackle addictive trading

20th June 2018

Huge volatility and emerging institutional interest in the cryptocurrency market have made many traders incredibly wealthy, but the dark underbelly rarely discussed is the new wave of crypto trading addiction. Recently, Castle Craig hospital on the Scottish borders became the first of its kind to offer crypto trading addiction therapy. ...
US deregulation "a factor" in regtech deal slowdown

15th June 2018

RegTech startups setup to help banks and other financial institutions manage risk and meet compliance requirements imposed by stricter regulation in the wake of the financial crisis have thrived since 2010. However, since taking office Donald Trump has made good on his promise to unwind Dodd-Frank rules, reducing the the regulatory burden on...
Global fintechs aim to crack Chinese markets

14th June 2018

The Chinese government has been promising to open up its financial markets ever since Bill Clinton was in the White House. Yet over the course of the past two decades, foreign investors and corporate entities looking to enter China’s thriving finance sector have been continually met with fierce regulatory roadblocks. With the threat of a...
Will Volcker changes be catastrophic or present opportunities for fintechs?

12th June 2018

Donald Trump has struggled to make substantial gains on a wide range of the divisive policies that catapulted him into office in 2016 – but one campaign promise the president’s administration has managed to follow through on is his pledge to reform chunks of the sweeping Dodd Frank Act implemented by his predecessor. On 24 May,...
US regulators clamp down on crypto criminals

12th June 2018

Early this year, in a concerted effort to clamp down on fraudulent firms operating in the cryptocurrency and blockchain market, officials at the US Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) teamed up. Since joining forces, the regulators have made it clear they intend to closely govern the...
The future of e-wallets, US vs. EU paytech and how to regulate crypto

11th June 2018

At Money20/20, bobsguide and PaymentEye caught up with Transact Payments (TPL) and GATE about their new partnership, the future of e-wallets, the interplay between US and EU paytech and the growing role of crypto in the payments space. Listen below or here.  
Finastra’s “We’re changing the way banks develop, deploy and consume financial software”

7th June 2018

Finastra unveiled three core components of its platform at Money20/20 in Amsterdam. “ is our most exciting launch in our history,” says Mitesh Soni, senior director of innovation and fintech at Finastra. Combined, the components accelerate processes for the existing clientbase of 9,000 banks...
Monese CEO: fintech must serve post-Brexit banking community

6th June 2018

“I’m not a big fan of Brexit,” says Norris Koppel, CEO of Monese, on the sidelines of Money 20/20, in Amsterdam. “It flies in the face of financial inclusion. That’s why we hired the Brexit bus as a bit of a tongue-in-cheek mockery.” The former Leave bus, repurposed for financial inclusion. Instead...
Klarna at Money 20/20: Banks are obsessed with themselves

6th June 2018

In a presentation entitled ‘Banking on the CX factor’, Klarna CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski spoke to a packed crowd under The Big Top at Money 20/20 EU, Amsterdam, today, taking the opportunity to open fire on the banks. The audience heard insight from Klarna on customer experience, including the fact that, according to the Happiness...