Auriga is a specialist provider of innovative omnichannel solutions to banks and other financial institutions. Our solutions are founded on modern architectures and facilitate the rapid deployment of new distribution channels and services while lowering costs and building long-term competitive advantage.

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Mark Aldred from Auriga speaks to us at Self-Service Banking 2017

4th October 2017

At Auriga, we’re committed to making personal contact an important part of the transaction. As Mark Aldred explains to Fintech Finance, “You can only achieve this if you have integrated omnichannel solutions. Customers maybe want to start a transaction in one channel and end it in another; different customers want to address different...
David Smith at ATM & Cash Innovation Europe 2017

4th October 2017

In the year of the 50th anniversary of ATM and of the 25th Anniversary of Auriga’s first steps in the market, we are here to confirm the omnichannel strategy at the core of our business. Since many years we have been helping banks solve their self service challenges and we will keep in doing so adapting our solutions for continuous customer ...
Three things to think about when bringing chatbots into your bank

4th October 2017

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic, and companies everywhere are exploring how this technology can help to enhance the customer experience. The banking software company Auriga has published a whitepaper to explain what the financial industry needs to keep in mind when implementing AI-powered chat bots. As well as explaining the three key...
Report - " ATM Future Trends 2017"

20th June 2017

Auriga has welcomed the findings inside "ATM Future Trends 2017", the report published by ATMMarketplace and is urging banks to take advantage of how the study reveals how demand for ATMs is evolving among UK consumers, could generate new revenue streams and improve customer satisfaction as an integral part of an omnichannel customer service...
Could your bank cashier soon be replaced by chatbots?

20th June 2017

50 years on from the first ATM, which started the technological disruption of the banking industry, Auriga has written an article looking at the future of artificial intelligence for customer service within the financial sector. AI looks set to become central to how banks operate. Recently, one major report by consulting firm Accenture predicted AI...
Branch transformation and self-service banking

7th March 2017

At the "Branch Transformation" conference in London, Auriga presented an innovative omnichannel approach to assisted self-service devices. For example, allowing customers to use their smartphone to access a wide range of services, even with coins. In this video, Carmine Evangelista, Auriga's CTO, explains the advantages that banks could have by...
Auriga Company

18th January 2017

AURIGA, with offices in Italy, London Paris and Frankfurt, is one of the leading European suppliers of cutting edge software and solutions for omnichannel banking. AURIGA is a specialist provider of innovative omni-channel solutions to banks and other financial institutions, always focusing on shared and integrated architectures as enablers for...
The Internet of Things in the world of banking: potential or reality?

4th January 2017

Although connected objects have long since featured in other aspects of our lives – such as in health or insurance – they have yet to fully penetrate the banking sector. This, however, is changing. Customers are more connected than they realise. There is still much room for improvement, but it is a matter of time before the huge amount of data...
The challenge of digital transformation:Farewell to the traditional bank branch?

20th December 2016

The phrase “branch of the future” is more popular than ever and in their latest white paper, Auriga discuss what this means exactly in the context of the reduction of the number of branches in Western Europe, coupled with the challenge of a diversification in the way in which customers bank today. The bank branch is not doomed to disappear –...
Smart ATMs: Getting the Most from Your ATMs

28th November 2016

Are banks getting the most from their ATMs? Many institutions fail to take full advantage of the existing ATM infrastructure, though ATMs will continue to be the primary interface between people and their banks. Ensuring that this “old-fashioned” channel provides better customer experience is vital and can be done through Smart ATMs. Not only...