Case Studies



14th March 2018

TALKINGTECH helped O2 to devise and launch 'Pay by SMS', a ground-breaking PCI compliant collections process. read more

Macquarie Bank Drives Digital Transformation with DataStax Enterprise

12th March 2018

Company: DataStax
Macquarie - a global investment banking and diversified financial services group providing banking, financial advisory and investment funds to institutional, corporate and retail clients around the world. Headquartered in Sydney, Macquarie is the largest Australian investment bank. Macquarie uses DataStax Enterprise Max to power a variety of... read more

Banking Transformation with DataStax

12th March 2018

Company: DataStax
Don’t leave your data at the mercy of a legacy system that doesn’t let you mine your data for all the instant insights it can offer. From building a real-time, 360-degree view of every customer to helping clients make smarter financial choices IN THE MOMENT THEY NEED THEM, the power of always-on data management in Finance can never be... read more

Payments security: a top priority

14th February 2018

Company: BELLIN
Currency management is only one of the key issues for Wacker Neuson’s treasury. Reliable, secure payments are the top priority of the groups treasurer. Wacker Neuson never publishes the signatures of any of their management in external publications to avoid making it that bit easier for potential fraudsters to scan them and forge checks or... read more

Rapid growth requires sustainable integration

14th February 2018

Company: BELLIN
Using spreadsheets is no longer a viable or suitable option for the treasury of a business that has grown so dynamically and operates globally, with 90 subsidiaries in over 110 countries. The Sartorius treasury team would never be able to meet the process and reporting requirements without system support. This is why any entities and units that are... read more

Waking up dormant potential with receivables management

14th February 2018

Company: BELLIN
Achieving efficient and optimized working capital management is a key area of responsibility for Dussmann’s treasury team. Working capital management encompasses many different activities, reducing the need for financing and the corresponding costs. Receivables present great potential. Moreover, it pays to check the credit rating and payment... read more

"Global Local Player” business model brings special treasury requirements

30th January 2018

Company: BELLIN
Heidelberg Cement’s “Global Local Player” business model comes with specific requirements that influence day-to-day treasury operations and strategies. Local characteristics are determining factors for the way business is done. HeidelbergCement needs a treasury approach that accommodates both global and local requirements. The Group Treasury... read more

Treasury in the face of a merger: dormakaba and the best of two treasury worlds

17th January 2018

Company: BELLIN
In 2015, Dorma Group of Germany and Kaba Group of Switzerland merged to form a global security and access solutions company. The multidimensional nature of the merged company is reflected in dormakaba’s treasury. Following the merger, the aim was to successfully combine the best of both worlds, and to evaluate state-of-the-art solutions. Top of... read more

Setting Up a Virtual Network Bank to Achieve an Efficient Banking Structure

8th January 2018

Company: BELLIN
The Aalberts Industries group had accounts with over 130 banks and had to combine information from 250 locations, spread across 30 countries and 600 bank accounts. The virtual network bank approach allows the group to organize information in a way that provides central treasury with access to all accounts, while at the same time allowing them to... read more

Business Use Case : Backup NAV within Best Practice Oversight Operations

27th November 2017

Company: Milestone Group
As a Fund Manager, find out how you can assure timely, accurate NAVs within industry best practice oversight and without shadow accounting, by using pControl Backup NAV. read more