Case Studies


Intercompany netting saves time and money

5th April 2018

Company: BELLIN
The monthly, system-based netting process at TYROLIT group starts with the reconciliation at invoice level. This in itself improves the intercompany trade efficiency of each group company and simplifies their work. Another positive effect of netting is that the group companies no longer make any payments via bank accounts. TYROLIT acts as the... read more

NHS PHP builds mobile app and online patient booking system

27th March 2018

Company: OutSystems
The NHS Practitioner Health Programme (PHP) needed an automated online patient booking system to deliver a fast, easy and confidential care service to doctors and trainees across England. In less than just 7 weeks, using OutSystems low-code development platform, they developed a new mobile app and a fully automated General Practitioner (GP) care... read more

Worcestershire County Council ROI Case Study

26th March 2018

Company: OutSystems
Seeking to reduce costs and to provide better customer experience, Worcestershire County Council has transformed how it does business and will enable 100%of its citizen services to be accessed online. Through its portals, apps, workflows and processes, Nucleus (a leading provider of value-focused technology research and advice) found that by using... read more

Easier Mortgage Applications Leads Innovator BlueZest to Low-code Development

23rd March 2018

Company: OutSystems
On a mission to disrupt the UK mortgage lending market, BlueZest needed to deliver a groundbreaking mortgage underwriting application, fast. In just 5 months, using OutSystems low-code platform, BlueZest created a mortgage app that enabled initial loan quotes to be processed in as little as 15 minutes (with full compliance and risk management... read more

AXA claims tracking made easy:Insurance portal built fast with low-code platform

22nd March 2018

Company: OutSystems
Concerned that brokers would move their business elsewhere, AXA, the #1 global insurance company, needed to build an innovative broker portal, fast. Using OutSystems low-code platform, AXA was able to build 'eServe' - a portal that provides immediate, 24/7 online access to customer claims data from any device - in just 3 months. The result? A... read more

Insurance and Asset Management Organization Increases Efficiency & Reduces Costs

16th March 2018

Due to the complexities and cost of managing an increasing number of anti-money laundering (AML) regulatory requirements, a multi-national insurance and asset management organization with 20 business units across seven countries sought to consolidate their compliance processes and systems. Corporate-wide standardization had become difficult because... read more

Investment Firm Improves CS by Enabling Synchronized CRM across the Enterprise

16th March 2018

One of the world’s leading commercial investment firms wanted to ensure that its sales teams worldwide had access to the most current and accurate customer data. This was not always possible given that the data was being captured in multiple databases by the sales groups, and those databases were not integrated with the firm’s multi-million... read more

Macquarie Bank Drives Digital Transformation with DataStax Enterprise

12th March 2018

Company: DataStax
Macquarie - a global investment banking and diversified financial services group providing banking, financial advisory and investment funds to institutional, corporate and retail clients around the world. Headquartered in Sydney, Macquarie is the largest Australian investment bank. Macquarie uses DataStax Enterprise Max to power a variety of... read more

Banking Transformation with DataStax

12th March 2018

Company: DataStax
Don’t leave your data at the mercy of a legacy system that doesn’t let you mine your data for all the instant insights it can offer. From building a real-time, 360-degree view of every customer to helping clients make smarter financial choices IN THE MOMENT THEY NEED THEM, the power of always-on data management in Finance can never be... read more

Payments security: a top priority

14th February 2018

Company: BELLIN
Currency management is only one of the key issues for Wacker Neuson’s treasury. Reliable, secure payments are the top priority of the groups treasurer. Wacker Neuson never publishes the signatures of any of their management in external publications to avoid making it that bit easier for potential fraudsters to scan them and forge checks or... read more