Best Practice

Driving Innovation with ATMs: Best Practices

3rd June 2014

Company: Compass Plus
This selection of case studies offers a snapshot view of some of the innovative projects that have been launched and are in use today which promote innovation at the ATM. All of the examples have been enabled by products and solutions from Compass Plus. read more

International Cash Management in the New Economy: Best Practices for Treasury

24th March 2014

Company: Kyriba
Today’s treasurers play a critical strategic role in the company’s overall growth and development. Treasury function can provide an invaluable expertise in mitigating risks; finding a safe, liquid place to invest funds; assessing risk/return on M&A activities, contributing significantly to the strategic decision-making. read more

15 Steps to Becoming SEPA Compliant

13th November 2013

Company: Accuity
Part of the Accuity IBAN: Is the SEPA End Date an Obstacle or an Opportunity? article Accuity provides a step-by-step quick reference guide to ensuring SEPA compliance by 1 February 2014. read more

INFOGRAPHIC: Penalties for infringements of SEPA regulation

13th November 2013

Company: Accuity
All businesses making or receiving payments in euros are obliged to comply with the SEPA legislation and those that have not begun the move need to do so now to avoid potential penalties or fines. Businesses that think that they can delay starting SEPA migration programs will inevitably fail to meet the deadline and incur significant penalties.... read more

Infographic: AML Fact or Fiction? The top 3 compliance myths exposed

27th August 2013

Company: Accuity
Too many myths and misperceptions exist about what needs to be done to achieve and maintain anti-money laundering (AML) compliance. Take a look at our infographic for three of the most common misunderstandings about creating a programme and what can be done about them. read more