Best Practice


White paper: Making BCBS 239 operational

4th March 2016

Company: AxiomSL
The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s 239 (BCBS 239) Principles for Effective Risk Data Aggregation and Risk Reporting have wide-ranging implications for global systemically important banks (G-SIBs). However, many banks appear to have overlooked the important role that the regulatory calculation and reporting platform will have to play in... read more

IFRS 9: Addressing key points including the classification/measurement of assets

22nd September 2015

Company: AxiomSL
AxiomSL’s solution for International Financial Reporting Standard 9 (IFRS 9) addresses key aspects of the requirements, including the classification and measurement of assets. It gives clients the option of leveraging a model developed by AxiomSL’s partner, AlgoSave, to calculate expected credit loss (ECL) at both the portfolio and entity... read more


14th September 2015

Inferno Delivers Improved STP, Increased Business Capacity and Cost Savings read more

Blog: Managing Liquidity, Market and Credit Risk

27th May 2015

Company: Thomson Reuters
There are multiple challenges in measuring, mapping and mitigating credit, market and liquidity risk and I have been actively exploring these with risk managers and related practitioners in the market. read more

Blog: The Russian Sanctions Challenge. To Russia With Love?

26th May 2015

Company: Thomson Reuters
The latest developments to sanctions has created an additional burden on investment and trade compliance as financial institutions and infrastructure providers must ensure they do not trade or settle new debt or equity issued by sanctioned entities. Read this blog posting to learn more to access a related infographic and whitepaper. read more

Blog: Risk Data Aggregation, Reporting & Governance

12th May 2015

Company: Thomson Reuters
New blog: A lot has been commented on and written about the challenges that market participants face when trying to address regulatory change. The cost and time implications of meeting new regulatory reporting requirements and enhanced risk management obligations are both significant and unavoidable. Click on the link to read more... Basel,... read more

How Prime Brokers & Custodians Are Addressing Regulatory Change

30th April 2015

Company: Thomson Reuters
The dual pressures of ongoing operational cost reduction and clients’ regulatory compliance are changing the business of asset servicing for custodians and prime brokers alike. But armed with the right tools – including access to the right data sets – asset servicers can position themselves for future growth as they help clients meet the... read more

Common Reporting Standard solution

26th March 2015

Company: AxiomSL
AxiomSL’s flexible, scalable, automated solution provides all of the functionality market participants need to comply with the requirements of the Common Reporting Standard (CRS). This includes ongoing support for all reporting schemas, and dashboards for managing the attestation of regulatory reports. AxiomSL’s ‘one platform’ model means... read more

Inferno, the complete securities and derivatives post trade processing system

13th January 2015

Inferno is a complete securities and derivatives processing system. It integrates the middle & back office and accounting functions for multiple asset classes and business types into a single coherent solution. With Inferno companies can streamline the technology footprint needed to support, operations, finance, middle office, treasury, risk and... read more

Bank of England statistical reporting: Providing you with an adaptable solution

6th November 2014

Company: AxiomSL
Do you need a trusted Bank of England reporting solution? AxiomSL’s statistical reporting submission solution has been recognized by the BOE since 2004 and can also be used for central bank disclosures in countries across the world. Our platform gives users complete control over establishing and maintaining reporting logic to any degree of... read more