Best Practice

Common Reporting Standard solution

26th March 2015

Company: AxiomSL
AxiomSL’s flexible, scalable, automated solution provides all of the functionality market participants need to comply with the requirements of the Common Reporting Standard (CRS). This includes ongoing support for all reporting schemas, and dashboards for managing the attestation of regulatory reports. AxiomSL’s ‘one platform’ model means... read more

Push Me, Pull You

26th February 2015

Manual reminders. Consulting external websites. Receiving files overnight. Checking discrepancies. Manually keying in changes. Alerting compliance. Sounds like data management practices from about 20 years ago, right? Not so. While you wouldn't dream of following this ‘pull’ process with securities data, this does still describe the typical... read more

Targeting new opportunities: the promise of T2S

18th February 2015

Company: GBST
Promise to simplify settlement system in Europe and make markets far more efficient and attractive, TARGET2 Securities (T2S) platform is finally just around the corner. In this article, Denis Orrock, CEO at GBST Capital Markets, shares his view on the challenges faced by financial firms when considering settlement strategies and the priorities... read more

Inferno, the complete securities and derivatives post trade processing system

13th January 2015

Inferno is a complete securities and derivatives processing system. It integrates the middle & back office and accounting functions for multiple asset classes and business types into a single coherent solution. With Inferno companies can streamline the technology footprint needed to support, operations, finance, middle office, treasury, risk and... read more

Bank of England statistical reporting: Providing you with an adaptable solution

6th November 2014

Company: AxiomSL
Do you need a trusted Bank of England reporting solution? AxiomSL’s statistical reporting submission solution has been recognized by the BOE since 2004 and can also be used for central bank disclosures in countries across the world. Our platform gives users complete control over establishing and maintaining reporting logic to any degree of... read more

Quantum leapfrogging

3rd November 2014

Company: GBST
At the world’s hotspot for market growth, many financial firms in Asia have recognised that new technologies can let them jump straight to best-practice and allow them to achieve extremely high rates of straight through processing (STP), lower costs and reduced operational risk. In this article, Donal O’Brien of GBST explains the latest trend... read more

The final countdown

9th October 2014

Company: GBST
With October 6th being the deadline for adoption of T+2, in this timely article Denis Orrock of GBST examines the readiness of the industry, the considerations for both buyside and sellside firms, and how innovative and cost-effective technology can help. read more

Ready or not, here T+2 comes

9th October 2014

Company: GBST
One giant step to T+2, one small step to T+1 and beyond? Denis Orrock of GBST discusses the industry’s preparations for the clearing and settlement regime read more

2014 gtnews Investment Strategy Survey

24th September 2014

Company: GTNews
The 2014 gtnews Investment Strategy Survey underwritten by State Street Global Advisors examines the investment strategies organisations are employing, as well as the impact of recent policy changes and regulations on day-to-day operations. read more

Transaction Banking Survey

24th September 2014

Company: GTNews
tnews conducted the 2014 gtnews Transaction Banking Survey of its subscribers to gauge their organisations’ level of satisfaction with their transaction service providers. Additionally, the survey assessed the number of bank relationships maintained, factors considered when selecting banking partners, banking channels and access preferences. The... read more