Best Practice

Simple steps to grow your P-Card program and build compliance

11th August 2017

In this webinar, presenter Mike Caluori, Analytics & Data Science Delivery Manager, will use real-world examples to illustrate how organizations have stopped relying on sampling in favour of continuous controls monitoring to ensure that P-Card transactions follow company policies. read more

7 Pitfalls That Can Derail Your Technology Project

27th July 2017

Company: FundCount
The decision to replace an existing family office accounting system or implement technology for the first time requires substantial thought. Many factors -- from downtime and budget to the availability of internal resources and divergent family-member opinions -- must be considered. Read the article to learn how to avoid potential minefields and... read more

6 Things Your Company Needs to be Big Data Ready

18th July 2017

Taking advantage of new technology, bringing advanced analytics into the organization, and being ready for whatever big data brings next has never been easier. Read this article to learn the key components of any big-data ready solution. read more

Commodities - Flying High or Feet of Clay

18th July 2017

Above all, the changing nature of commodities markets and emerging economies show that this already information-intensive business is at risk of becoming overwhelmed with data – with no concomitant gain in insight. read more

Bringing Transparency Through MiFID II

12th July 2017

Company: Morningstar
The January 2018 deadline is quickly approaching for asset managers to calculate and deliver the new fee data required by MiFID II for their investment products. At the same time, advisory firms are determining how to source this data and how they’ll report it to their clients, particularly in pre-sale conversations. read more

Adapting Your Advice for MiFID II

12th July 2017

Company: Morningstar
Financial firms throughout Europe are rethinking their advice processes as they approach the January 2018 implementation deadline for MiFID II. The directive requires all advisers to make sure that the portfolios and advice they offer are suitable to investors’ needs. read more

It’s a marathon, not a sprint -When selecting new collateral management system

10th July 2017

When selecting a new collateral management system, market participants should take a long-term view toward the future. This article explores different deployment options available and what parameters to be considered. Read the complimentary article and find out the What Key Questions to ask when selecting a new collateral management system. ... read more

Essential components of an AML program for MSBs

13th June 2017

This guide offers MSBs insights into the current market and regulatory landscape, and how to overcome challenges specific to them in order to build a comprehensive and effective AML compliance program supported by an advanced technology solution. read more


24th May 2017

Company: zeb
The implementation of IFRS 9 and IFRS 17 presents insurance companies with major challenges. An early examination of the requirements of the standards, the related challenges and the potential project risks is therefore highly sensible due to the tight implementation schedule. As the leading management consultancy for financial services in Europe,... read more

E-Book: How to avoid abuse, misuse and fraud in your T&E and P-Card programs

8th May 2017

From air travel to meals to ride-sharing services, continuously monitoring corporate card expenses are extremely difficult, especially for companies that rely on spreadsheets, emails and paper receipts. Though companies that use corporate cards (P-Cards) and expense management systems have an advantage, there are still significant inherent risks... read more