Best Practice

Top Five eCerts Enhancements for Issuers and Users

6th October 2017

Company: GlobeTax
eCerts allows participating shareholders to easily create the tax documents necessary for recovering over-withheld taxes on foreign dividend payments. read more

BEPS Project Withholding Tax Quick Guide

6th October 2017

Company: GlobeTax
Staying abreast of changing regulations and practices is paramount to successfully recovering excess foreign withholding tax. The Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Project is set to change the international tax system through the creation of an international framework to fight abusive tax planning practices. Here’s what you should know. read more

2Q17 Withholding Rate Changes

6th October 2017

Company: GlobeTax
Various countries entered into new double taxation treaties in Q2, resulting in lower dividend withholding rates for residents in affected jurisdictions. Knowing these rates is essential for investors looking to boost their equity returns in participating countries. read more

Fiduciary Rule Phase II Implementation Delayed

6th October 2017

Company: GlobeTax
A U.S. Department of Labor (DoL) proposal to delay Phase II of the Fiduciary Rule has been approved. While the Rule’s ultimate fate remains unclear, global withholding tax recovery continues to represent a best practice regarding pensions with available entitlements. read more

Introducing MIDAS™ – The Relief at Source Gold Standard

6th October 2017

Company: GlobeTax
Designed for speed, volume and flexibility, GlobeTax's MIDAS™ is the market’s first and only comprehensive solution for relief at source processing. MIDAS can process ordinary shares, depositary receipts, debt, and hybrid instruments. More impressively, it can pierce omnibus accounts and manage continual document and rule changes – all within... read more

Regulatory Reporting Data Sheet

25th September 2017

As a specialist data vendor Euromoney TRADEDATA has supported reference data needs in the derivatives industry for over two decades and is responsible for improved processing efficiencies across multiple trading platforms from the front to the back office. We have innovated new data content and engineered customised data feeds covering exchange,... read more

A Basic Guide to Selecting CTRM (Commodity Trading & Risk Management) Systems

22nd September 2017

If your business has made the decision to implement a CTRM system for the first time or replace and old system with a modern CTRM system, then you are going to need to start a selection process. How do you decide which CTRM system is right for your business? Fendahl's free guide on How to Choose a CTRM System is designed to give you a basic... read more

MiFID II Regulatory Reporting Solution

11th September 2017

We have recently upgraded our global Classification of Financial Instruments (CFI) database to the latest ISO 10962: 2015 standard. Our other essential MiFID II regulatory data attributes include traded series ISINs and new Base Product, Sub Product and Further Sub Product classifications. We will also maintain Aii to ISIN translation symbology for... read more

Beneficial Ownership in Focus, FinCEN vs EU Money Laundering Directive

14th August 2017

Company: Fenergo
Beneficial ownership came to the fore recently with two high profile leaks – the Bahamas and the Panama Papers leaks, which saw the leaking of financial information for hundreds of thousands of offshore entities. This, along with heightened anxieties arising from a number of high profile terrorist activities, has resulted in a significant shift... read more

Simple steps to grow your P-Card program and build compliance

11th August 2017

In this webinar, presenter Mike Caluori, Analytics & Data Science Delivery Manager, will use real-world examples to illustrate how organizations have stopped relying on sampling in favour of continuous controls monitoring to ensure that P-Card transactions follow company policies. read more